I know fifteen languages, I have twenty-seven identities, and know how to kill a man thirty-two different ways with my bare hands. So how did I run into you? How out of all six billion people in the world did we cross paths? You know me from school, I know you for being in One Direction. So leave me when you can, Zayn Malik, because I'm the world's most wanted secret agent and I'm only nineteen. But before you go, I want you to kiss me but I need you to Baise-Moi.

*Ages +15* **Some words are in French, you can use Google Translate for translation purposes**


18. Bodyguard

"I said we aren't going!" I was yelling at all five of them, well four. Zayn kept himself separate and sat behind me with his arms crossed. He knew my reasons, he knew I was just here to protect them and that bloody diamond that causes so many damn problems.

"Giselle we have to go!" Louis shouted back at me. "We're meeting the Queen, dammit!"

"I don't care if you are meeting God, we aren't going!"

Tonight was a Royal Charity Ball and the boys were supposed to sing and meet the Queen, but it's the first place everyone else will be. I had no doubt that every spy was going to be there, and the Royal Service, which caused an even more distraction.

"You can't do this to us!" Liam yelled, which was a first and I was caught off guard. "Simon would kill us if he finds out we don't attend!"

"I'll deal with management," I crossed my arms, I was going to win this fight. "That's my final word: no."


"I can't believe this," I said as I stepped inside the satin black limo.

"Believe it," said Harry.

Okay so in the end, I didn't win. Which was a first. Supposedly Liam called Simon and after a screaming argument over the phone, I had lost. Now I was dressed in a champagne skin tight dress with a suicide slit up my thigh. My hair stayed down but was wavy to no end and in all reality I looked like I just rolled out of bed. I did that on purpose so they all would know that I rather stay at the flat than go to some charity.

Where I would be a bodyguard. Blah. This is exactly what I didn't want to happen. So my worst nightmare happened, to the world I would be Ella the bodyguard for One Direction. Fantastic. 

"Ugh, alright," I started as the limo door closed and we slowly started to head to the event. "You will only call me by Ella."

"What about you being Zayn's girlfriend?" Harry asked. 

"Yea, well that didn't work out did it?" I said with probably too much sass, but truthfully I was pissed. They knew it too. "I'll be the bodyguard. Unfortunately." 

"What's so wrong about that?" Niall asked. 

I leaned forward, my elbows resting on my knees. "Don't you all think it's, uh weird that I'm your bodyguard? A girl?" 

"Nah," said Harry. "I think it's hot," he wasn't looking at me directly but down my dress where his eyes rested on my chest. I quickly sat back up, where Zayn sat quietly next to me except for the occasional growl whenever Harry gave me one of his seductive looks that I never cared for. 

Something was bothering him and I gave him a questioning look. He knew we weren't taking any type of relationship further. I was here for strict business, to complete my mission and do it as quickly as possible. I didn't need drama to get into the way, and unfortunately that was already happening. 

"Let's set this straight," I said sternly. "No flirting, don't even look at me like that," looking directly at Harry who quickly turned his head away. "Most importantly no touching. You place one finger on me and I break them, and that's a promise." 

"Ouch," said Louis as he caressed his fingers. 

The limo slowly started to come to a stop and I looked out the window to all the paps and every other fan. The host was talking to a camera crew as no doubt One Direction's name was being repeated in almost every house in England. 

"Here we go," I said before the driver opened the door. I stepped out first and it was like a rush of silence washed over the crowd. They had stopped moving, stopped screaming, stopped everything. The television camera was on me as handheld cameras flashed momentarily upon my face. 

I was struck...dead. Literally. I've always been undercover, never in public sight and now here I am televised and photographed for the entire world to see. This was a perfect way to get killed, just wait till Rosalind, Vera, and Alessandra saw me plastered on the newspapers tomorrow morning.

I regret taking this mission.

And for the first time me, Giselle Claudeta, the most wanted and youngest secret agent in England was, in fact, terrified.  

"Giselle," Zayn whispered my name into my ear, and I quickly got out of my trance. I could feel his fingers tickle down my bare back. Giving me comfort, but I didn't let him know that. Instead: "Have you forgotten about my rule, no touching." 

He gave me a little smile and I a slight nod. I backed away from him and waited for all the boys to leave the limo. They all gave me a nod and smile before they gathered in their little line. I stood behind them as the pictures were being taken. 

"Excuse me," I turned my head away from the boys and noticed a bald man appear before me. 


"I'm head of the security here, and I'm going to need your name and position of qualification."

Wait. What? He was talking seven words a second. Qualification? Um. "I work for management," I said. Come on Giselle! You're a damn secret agent, lie! "I'm One Direction's bodyguard for this evening."

"Uh-huh," he grunted. "Who is the contact of your employment?"

He really needs to stop talking like this. I crossed my arms, "If you don't believe me just say so."

"Alright," he let his pad of paper and pen drift to his sides. "I do not believe you." 

Wrong thing to say. I glanced back at the boys and made sure they were alright, still posing for pictures except for Zayn's occasional look back at me. I gave him a slight nod, letting him know everything was alright. 

I needed to get this guy off my back. I pulled at the fabric of my slit and he took an uncomfortable, bored, side step. I pulled the fabric just slightly ever so more just so he could see the black strap around my upper thigh which supported the hand gun. 

"Is that enough qualification?" I asked questioning. 

"No, now you're a threat." He said un-phased. 

My eyes narrowed and then I reached into the chest of my dress where yet another black strap was tied. I pulled out the familiar identification which was used to pass into headquarters, use the weapons, and a ticket for many more things. 

I looked around to make sure no one was looking before I showed him my card. My voice lowered, "My name is Giselle Claudeta and I'm a secret agent for the London Headquarters of Secret Services." 

He took one glance at my card and his eyes widened. "I don't understand. Why are their management," he pointed at the boys. "Using spies as bodyguards?"

"That's for me to know and for you to never find out. Now listen up, you have a family right? Wife, kids?" 

His eyes narrowed as he nodded. 

"Good," I said with a slight smile. "Tell anyone of my existence and you will wake up in a puddle of blood, or maybe the possible car accident as your wife takes your three children to school."

He swallowed hard, "How do you know I have three children?"

I smirked, "We know everything. Thank you Mr. Lessing," I said before I turned noticing the surprised expression form the man, and motioned for the boys to follow me. 

"What was that about?" Liam asked. 

"Just business, he needed to see my qualification," I said as I glanced back at them. "Do you think my gun was enough?" Their faces dropped, as a wider smile appeared on my lips. "Come on." 

I waved them forward and stood by the side as they were interviewed and then led them into the arena. We were all taken behind stage and the boys were instantly taken to different areas to get ready. 

"Lou I need hairspray!" Zayn yelled and I rolled my eyes as I leaned against the wall. A blonde woman appeared and went to Zayn to lift up his quiff. 


You would think that these five boys would know how to act like a mature group of people. I was sadly mistaken. 

"Stop throwing food!" I yelled at them as Louis and Niall started to throw whole-wheat rolls at the others. Soon Liam and Harry got into and last but not least Zayn. "Stop!" 

The more I kept telling them to quit it, I soon became the target. I was blocking my face until I felt something cool and soft run down my front and lay gently in the front of my dress, and stopping at the black strap around my upper waist. What the fuck?

"GOAL!" Louis yelled as he lifted his arms up above his head. 

I scowled as I noticed that it was him who threw the item down my dress. I picked it out and held the purple grape in between my index finger and thumb. I threw the grape onto the table which was destroyed with thrown food. 

I noticed Harry and Louis high-five which caused me to grow even more angry. I turned and walked towards the wall. If they wanted to have fun, then let's have fun. I noticed Zayn's eyes on me, widening as he saw me place my hand over a red trigger hanging on the wall. 

A smirk appeared on my face as he slowly made his way to concave, safe from the water that would appear above their heads. 

I pulled down on the fire alarm, and the sprinklers started to throw water everywhere as the boys instantly stopped. 

"What the fuck?!" Louis yelled as he tried to run for cover. The alarm made loud echoing noises throughout backstage and soon people flooded the area. They surrounded the room to see what was happening. 

I pushed the alarm handle back up and the water and noise stopped. They all stopped and looked at me. We were soaked, literally. Harry's curls have deflated, Louis' quiff was slowly drifting downwards and Niall kept pushing his hair back from his eyes and than there was Liam. He had a big smile on his face, obviously this has been the most fun he has had in a long time. Zayn was completely dried and laughing at the rest of them.

I couldn't help but smile. 

"Do we understand ourselves now?!" I yelled. "This is my job and I will not babysit five immature teenagers. Grow up." 

"AH!" We all looked to Lou who ran into the room. "What the hell happened?!" 

"Precaution," I said with a smirk. 

"Precaution, my ass," said Harry as he shook out his curls. 

"Ugh, everyone get back into the other room. Hurry up, you're going on in forty-five minutes."

They quickly ran out the door and it would be a miracle if they would be ready in time. 

Whew! Long chapter!!! I'm on my last day of cruising and will be back home tomorrow!!! Thanks for reading!! 

Much love, Morgan xx 

ps I need two people! funny, oh gosh. I need a Liam girl and a Boy Directioner. If you are one or both leave a comment or tweet me on Twitter ( @mllngrs ) or Kik me ( Morgan Rory ) I have some story ideas and I'm gonna need a co-writer for these {expected start of story in March} 

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