I know fifteen languages, I have twenty-seven identities, and know how to kill a man thirty-two different ways with my bare hands. So how did I run into you? How out of all six billion people in the world did we cross paths? You know me from school, I know you for being in One Direction. So leave me when you can, Zayn Malik, because I'm the world's most wanted secret agent and I'm only nineteen. But before you go, I want you to kiss me but I need you to Baise-Moi.

*Ages +15* **Some words are in French, you can use Google Translate for translation purposes**


22. Awake Before Sunrise

Before the sun even shined through our windows I was down stairs. I helped the headquarters cleaning crew clean up George and his blood. Afterwards I made my way back upstairs but I made sure all the boys were asleep, I didn't need any more questions being asked. Zayn was still sleeping off the medicine, Liam and Niall were both out. Louis was talking in his sleep, but Harry. Harry was sitting atop his bed with his face in his hands. He was rocking gently and I knew something was bothering him. 

I walked into his room and stopped before his bed. "Harry? You alright?"

His head snapped up, and I instantly saw the dark outlines of his eyes just by the poor lamp light in the corner of the room. 

He swallowed, "Do I look alright?" He was growing hysterical. "I just witnessed a fucking murder and you ask me if I'm alright?!" 

"The other boys seem to be okay--?" I started. 

"That's them! I hate seeing this, I don't like it."

"Harry, if I didn't kill him, he would've killed you and the others. You see, I do this to protect you all."

"Protect? So bringing us along for this joyride is for protection?"

"Joyride? This is not a game. This is my job, and a lot of the times it's unpredictable. Just like tonight--."

He cut me off again. "Well if you weren't fucking Zayn, maybe things would've turned out different."

I wanted to slap him. I wanted to so badly, but I stopped myself. He didn't know what he was talking about, he's mad and he'll do whatever it takes to get a rise out of me. "You don't know what you're saying," I started to turn around and leave the room, but I couldn't. 

I couldn't because a strong grip was placed over my waist. 

My breath caught in my throat. I didn't move, I couldn't breathe. 

"Why do you do it?" He breathed into my ear, setting my skin into an overdrive heat motive. 

"Do what?" I muttered.

"Why do you kill people? Why are you a secret agent?"

"I kill because sometimes it's the only way I can protect the ones I love. I'm a secret agent because I was born a secret agent." 

" 'To protect the ones I love.' Hmm, and who is it you are trying to protect the most?"

His voice started to sound hot and sticky against my ear. "My mother," I reply. 

"Really? I believe that's a lie." 

I wasn't lying. My ultimate goal was to keep my mother safe. I wasn't here to protect the boys, I mean I will because it's my mission, and I was most definitely not here to fall in love with Zayn but sometimes a high trained secret agent can't even control that. 

"Then what do you want to hear, Harry?" 

"Mm," I could sense he was smiling against the skin of my neck. I knew what I could do: hit him with so much force he has to catch his breath or I could play this out and hopefully he would just disappear.

I decided to take the second choice. Stupid. 

I could now feel his lips on my neck. I wasn't enjoying this until he hit the spot right below my ear. He bit down gently and, just...fuck. He knew what he was doing. 

That's what scared me. 

"What do you want Harry?" I tried to talk around his distraction. 

"I want you," I didn't like that answer. "I want you to scream my name instead of Zayn's. I want to fuck you, show you what you miss when you're with him." 

He was mad. He was upset, pissed, and highly toxic right now. I needed to get away, but I couldn't with his strong hand pulling my hips closer to him. 

"Harry," was all I could breath before his hand that was holding down my hips, came forward and escaped into my sweat pants.  I inhaled, loudly and with more emotion that what I wanted. 

His fingers found their way and I tried to get away. Nothing was working, and I finally figured out that Harry wasn't going to let me go anywhere. He already had me trapped, now he just had to take out the kill. Which meant he would make me endure this. 

Wait. What am I thinking? I can easily get myself loose and run back to my bedroom with Zayn. That would be my ideal place to be right now. Even though Harry's touches were nice and made my body light up with fire. I can't do this, it isn't right. 

As I thought that though I heard myself moan to Harry's fingertips, which were making small circles over my cunt. I didn't realize that my head was back and resting on his shoulder as his lips traced lines up and down my throat. I didn't realize that he was taking me to the floor. Everything was a haze. 

I need to get out of here. 

I need to--. "Urgent message from London." 

My eyes snapped opened. Harry's movements stopped. 

"Urgent message from London." It was the television down stairs. Headquarters was calling me. "Urgent message from London," it repeated.

"GISELLE!" It sounded like Niall. "ANSWER THE DAMN MESSAGE!" Yes most definitely Niall. 

This was my time to escape. In one swift movement I was out of Harry's grasp. "Sorry!" I shout throughout the house. My hands resting on the door frame of Harry's room. 

"You say anything," I began as I turned around and faced Harry. "I swear you'll--."

I didn't get to finish because his lips were over mine. This was not part of the plan at all. None of it was.

"Urgent message--."


I pulled away from Harry. I didn't want to look at him, but his emerald eyes stopped on mine. Interlocked with mine, occupied mine. 

"I have to go," was all I could say before I rushed down the stairs and pressed my thumb over the scanner allowing the television to connect me with Headquarters. 


"I see that you have gotten rid of George," said Red. 

"It was time for him to retire anyway," I shrugged.

"Well because of this, you'll have to be more careful. I don't need any more accidents." 

"Understood," I said with my arms crossed as I stood before the television. 

"So, how is the boy band protection going?" 

I thought about what just happened a couple moments ago, "Fine." 

"Fine? I heard that you made quite an entrance at the Royal Charity Ball."

I thought about Zayn and I in the closet. "Yea, whatever. You told me to be a bodyguard, I'll be a bodyguard."

"That's not what I heard," he smiled. 

"Then what did you hear?" 

"That you and Mr. Malik are taking a stronger liking to each other than what is acceptable at Headquarters."

"Are you accusing me of breaking the rules?" I narrowed my eyes, even though what he said was more true than the falsest of lies. 

"Never," he said strongly. "You are my best agent so of course you have the freedom to do what you like, but if this let's out it won't be good for us. I've already told the press that you are the band's bodyguard, but if I must I will tell them that you are close to one of them. Unfortunately though you can't be close to Zayn," he said. He actually showed sympathy as my face dropped. "You will have to be close to another member, because Zayn carries the diamond."

"I don't want any other relationship," there I go. My cover is blown.

"So you do have feelings for Zayn," he smiled. 

"Even if I did, I don't need my relationship status in the press." 

His smile grew wider, "Alright. That Harry character isn't that bad looking."

"Stop," I said forcefully. 

"Fine, fine," he waved his palms up in surrender in front of the television screen. "Anyway, the boys have a photo shoot tomorrow. Which means their schedule is your schedule."

"Whatever," I rolled my eyes. 

"Make it happen?" 

"Yes," I said towards him. 

"Good," and with that the television went black and the Headquarters symbol of three horizontal line appeared on the screen. 

I exhaled, before I put my thumb over the sensor and the screen went entirely black. 

The sun finally started to arise and I placed the kettle over the burner. Grabbed five mugs and filled each mug with boiling water. The tea leaves creating a smell that could wake anyone from their slumber. 

Louis was the first to come down and take his mug. Liam followed and then Harry, who tried to make eye contact but I ignored him as he reached for his mug. Niall came down and I apologized for the message this morning. Zayn still wasn't downstairs so I took his mug up to him, despite Harry's stares. 

I opened the door. The mug I held in my hand was now destroyed in a little million pieces as it crashed to the floor. 

"Giselle?" One of the boys asked, but I couldn't open my mouth to speak. 

The boys gathered around behind me. 

"Oh fuck," said Louis.

Oh fuck was right. The window in the bedroom was open and Zayn was nowhere to be found. The only remaining evidence that anyone was ever here was a line of blood that bled into the white sheets. No one knew if it was Zayn's blood or someone else's. 

All I did know was that Harry distracted me and if he didn't I would have been there to help Zayn, and I wasn't. My hands grew into fists as I lunged towards Harry. 

I was going to kill him with my bare hands. 

Ohhh my!! This is getting intense!! 

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Much love and stay forever strong, Morgan xx

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