Beauty and the Geek

Emily has everything she has ever wanted; popularity, a handsome, all-star athlete boyfriend and a top spot on the cheerleading squad. So why does it feel like she has nothing at all?
When her grades slip and she is forced to find a tutor, Emily finds comfort in shy, bookworm Will and discovers that the things you need most in life often come in the most unlikely of packages...
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11. Chapter 11.

*AUTHOR NOTE*: Wow, thankyou so much for reading everyone I'm now on the most popular page which has really made my life - let alone my day! Keep up the reading....the next chapters are being written and are big ones I promise, love you all!


“Where the hell have you been?” Brett caught my arm, spinning me around, as I attempted to tip-toe by his locker. “You’ve been totally AWOL all weekend.”
“I’ve been studying,” I admitted. It wasn’t strictly a lie as Will and I had managed to fit some studying in between...all the other stuff.
“I never seem to know where you are these days.”
“You don’t have to know my every move, Brett.”
“What’s with the attitude? I think it’s understandable I’m angry that my girlfriend is spending all her time with another guy.”
“Don’t you trust me?”

He winced as I felt the familiar guilt creep over me. You shouldn’t trust me, I screamed from inside, I’m cheating on you. I couldn’t believe I had stooped so low to use the word “trust” against Brett after my behaviour the past weekend. I couldn’t stop myself – I had delved too deep into something I was never coming out of unscathed. I could either run away, or submit myself fully, and I had chosen the second option.

“Yeah,” He relented. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I trust you. Come over later and I’ll make it up to you.”
“I don’t know,” I muttered, desperately trying to get out of it. “I have a lot of homework.”
“Aw, come on, Em – I’ll have you back home by 10.”

Feeling my head nod woodenly and Brett’s intruding kiss on my cheek, I felt like the empty thud of my heart as it dropped to my stomach. This wasn’t the way falling in love for the first time was supposed to be; I was steamrolling everyone around me, unashamedly crushing their hearts and minds in the process.


The last few doors slammed eagerly behind bodies as they rushed to their cars and homes for the day. I walked slowly, my footsteps echoing around the eerily quiet walls of the school corridor; squeaking every now and then against the shiny linoleum. A door opened adjacent to me and a hand grasped at my sweater, pulling me inside the empty room. Before I could scream, the same hand clamped over my mouth.

“Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” I pried Will’s hand away, after I realised he was my captor.
“Lauren’s next door,” Will explained, hushing me with one single finger to his lips. "Do you want her eavesdropping?"
“Definitely not," I shuddered. "I'm not exactly on her best side right now..."

I was silenced as Will kissed me softly, taking me aback. His stubble tickled my face as I giggled and he looked at me with eyes full of mischief.

“So, how about Chinese take out and movies later?” He smiled, his hands planted firmly on my waist. “My treat!”
“You know I would love that...but I can’t,” I replied, sadly. “I have to hang out with Brett.”
“Aw, come on – you know you’ll have way more fun with me,” He fluttered his eyelashes innocently, making me laugh.
“I know but, he’s still technically my ‘boyfriend’…”
“I know,” Will said, despondently. “I just hate that we have to hide.”
“It won’t be that way forever. I’ll break it off soon - I just need time.”
“I know you will. Anyway...I guess I do dig romancing the head cheerleader behind everyone’s back!"

I desperately wanted to tell the world about my feelings for Will – feelings I had never felt for anybody else before. I wanted to be able to hold his hand in the corridor and go to the movies and do all of the things you were supposed to do in a relationship. The worst part was it was totally my fault - I was delaying the process. I made a firm decision in that moment - a decision to be fair to the boy I cared about once and for all. I had to break up with Brett.


Brett’s head nuzzled into my own; spreading to my neck and planting firm kisses there that made me shiver with disgust. He groped me eagerly as I continued to stare at the television robotically. I couldn’t believe I had ever spent my time doing this with him before; it felt so wrong and alien to me. I guess I hadn’t realised I had the option to find something better before.

“Brett…stop,” I shied away from him. “I’m trying to watch.”
“So, TV is more important than me?” He mumbled, pouting.
“I don’t give you a hard time about playing Xbox every time we’re together,” I replied with irritation.
“Come on – don’t be such a prude…”
“I said – NO, Brett!”

I pushed him away from me roughly as his eyes flared. He clambered on top of me; suffocating me with his muscular body and pinning me down. I clawed at him desperately, trying to release his strong arms, as tears trickled down my face. Brett gripped my neck roughly, blocking my windpipe as I tried to scream. My fear had no effect; he remained impassive as he tried to manoeuvre my blouse off with one hand and keep me still with the other.

“Come on, Em,” He whispered, sending my stomach into an overdrive with knots. “If you didn’t love me you wouldn’t be here. Admit it - it feels right.”
”GET OFF ME!” I screamed, kicking him away with all the strength I could gather.

The blood curdling noise that emitted from my mouth shocked even me and, clearly, Brett as he rolled backwards off the bed.


The bedroom door swung open as Brett’s Mom stumbled into the room blindly like she expected the worst. She definitely found it. Brett's Mom spotted me clutching my blouse closed with all my might, shameful tear stains on my face. Brett’s mouth hung open in horror as his mother turned towards him in disgust; figuring out exactly what had went on a few minutes ago.

“It’s not what it looks like,” He said, hoarsely. "I swear!"

She helped me up, guiding me towards the door and stroking my hair for comfort; only turning once to give a glance of contempt towards her son who was now cowering on the floor, his head in his hands.

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