Pregnancy Love

It all happened the night my parents kicked me out because of my apparent drinking and drug addiction, which for those of you who don’t know is no where near true, I did drink a little but who doesn't but I have never even thought about ding drugs. I mean who would want to screw their life up like that, not me, I had everything I ever wanted, great job, amazing friends, who will be there with my till the end and the most supportive boyfriend …. Or so I thought.


11. Chapter 5!!!!!!!! Finally


 Hey guys, so I know what you're thinking... IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! and they reason I could update when I did was because someone hacked our internet when we were away and we had to get a new one and stuff, so it took a while to set it all up.

But anyway here it is.


Cami's P.O.V

< Three months later > (Cami is now 6 months pregnant)


It's been a few months since the talk I had with El and I can say thing have started to die down, everyone is a lot more civil with me.. Well except for Louis he's still pissed, El has forgiven him but they aren't back together yet and Louis is kinda blaming it on me, I can understand where he's coming from but I think that he really needs to let it go, I mean what the point at being angry at me when there is nothing I can do, I have talked to El and she said she will go back to the relationship when she's ready.


On the upside of things, Liam and I are going strong, he has taken me on 2 dates and they have been amazing, it hasn’t been to anywhere to flashy so that way we can keep it hidden from the paps, I know its not going to stay hidden for long, but we are doing our best, some Directioners have already sot there suspicions, but they haven't really asked Liam, on twitter or anything, I think they are still trying to cope with the Liam and Danielle break up.

Which brings me to something else, Danielle showed up a few weeks ago and lets just say it wasn't the most pleasant experience



I was in the kitchen with Liam making some dinner when there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it babe" Liam said and kissed my forehead as he left. After a few minutes Liam still wasn't back so I decided to go check it out. I walked into the foyer and heard alot of yelling

"No Danielle we're over and that’s that!" I heard Liam yell.

"But Li Li, I love you" I heard a girl I assume was Danielle say.

"Don't call me that, you lost the right to call me that when you cheated on me with that guy you met at the gas station!!!" Liam yelled, I have never heard Liam yell like that and it kinda scared me.  Even though I knew I shouldn’t I continued to walk out.  I walked into the foyer and saw Liam at the door and a tan girl with curly hair and I mean CURLY!

"But Liam I love you" she begged, I kind of just stood there watching awkwardly in the corner. 

"Well that’s your problem not mine, I have found someone else, someone who actually cares for me and I care for her.  She doesn't use me for fame" Liam said, I smiled at that, he knew I would never do that.

"Ok Liam" She scoffed, "How much do you pay her hmm? Is she a stripper, prostitute, what?" she scoffed once again.

"She has a name and its Cami, and she is not any of those things, she is gorgeous, has a amazing personality and shy.  Everything I look for in a girl!!!!!" He shouted I knew he was angry, and I hated seeing him like this, it was amazing that within a week I ad grown such strong feelings for him, and hearing him stand up for me like that made me feel like there is really someone out there who cares for me.

"Well then, where is this 'Cami' I want to meet the skank who took you away from me" she spat, while putting air quotes around my name.

"She didn't take me away from you! I left you because YOU pushed me away by sleeping around and using me!! You SLUT!!!!!" OMG that did it I knew I had to step in now. Liam never swore, no matter what. 

I walked out and stood next to Liam, they both turned towards me, Liam had a face of concern, probably hoping I didn’t hear anything, and Danielle her face shows anger and hatred.  I decided to act like I hadn't heard anything and act normal.

"Hi" I said simply, Liam looked tense still but also I little at ease, I knew I should let him think I hadn't heard any of that so I decided to take a different approach.  "I'm Cami, and just so you know, no I am not a stripper or a prostitute, I am a person, and just so you know I have feelings, and I treat people like they should be treated which I can tell you don’t, given the way you broke Liam's heart and went and had sex with your buddy, but I guess now your crawling back to Liam, because your sex buddy doesn’t want to play anymore… am I right?" I questioned, they both looked at me surprised because I had just said something like at with a straight innocent face.

"Well maybe that’s true, but I love Liam a hell of a lot more than you do and deserve him way more that you, I also have a better image than you which makes us better" she said, wow the nerve of this chick.

"That’s exactly my point you don’t love Liam, you love his fame, money and publicity you would get for dating him, that’s all you love!!! So piss off before I call the police for harassment" I said firmly, she looked a slight bit scared but before she could respond I slammed the door in her face.

I turned around feeling proud of myself, that would have to be the first time in a long time I have been able to stand up to some one like that.  Which made me think, being with Liam has brought my confidence back bigger and better, and I love it.  I looked over at Liam who looked slightly shocked.

"How much did you hear of that?" he asked concerned. 

"Enough, but I can take it, I can't let things I know aren't true pull me down" I stated.  He smiled back at me and pulled me towards him by my waist and put his forehead against mine.

"This is one of the reasons I love you" he said, I smiled back at him and closed that gape between us.

_~*Flashback Ended*~_

So right now I am sitting on the bed in Liam's arms just watching movies, I was lying on his chest in between his legs, while he had his hand on my stomach, which was now quite big now.

"You know I read online that when the baby's in the womb, it can still hear and remember voices" Liam stated, he was always so involved and caring about this pregnancy. Every time I go to the doctors for an ultrasound and he's not there, he'll always call up to check even if I've already told him about what happen, I think its because he wants to make sure I'm not lying or something.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah, um I was thinking maybe we could give it a go?" he asked shyly.

"Sure, if you want to" I said, I looked over to him and saw him smiling. We moved around a bit so I was now leaning on the headboard of the bed, and he was lying on him stomach near mine.  He looked at me, as if for some approved, I nodded telling him to go ahead.

"Hi baby" he whispered, "I'm your daddy" he said, he said it with such confidence and pride, I loved it, I knew he would treat this baby as his own.  I watched as he started telling the story about how him and the boy were formed, all their accomplishments and such.  "Oh we wrote a new song the other day, I dedicate it to your mother, I'm going to let you hear it k?"   He kissed my stomach and started singing.

"Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me.
We'll bare this in mind, it was ment to be.
And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks

And it all makes sense to me.
I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile
You've never loved your stomach or your thighs
The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine
But I'll love them endlessly.

I won’t let these little thing slip out of my mouth.
But if I do.
It's you.
Oh it's you they add up to.
I'm in love with you.
And all these little th-

Just as he was about to finish the first chorus I felt something bump the inside of my stomach. Liam stopped singing and turned to me with a shocked expression that matched mine.  It wasn't until a few seconds later realisation came to me.

"Baby kicked" I said, Liam's face suddenly changed from shocked to excitement.

"Oh My God, that’s amazing!!!!!" he moved so he was facing me and kissed me with everything he had.

"You know, that means the baby likes your voice" I said to him, I swear once I said that the smile on his face got even bigger, if that was possible.

For the rest of the day, we just stayed in the room talking and singing to the baby.. Ok so Liam did all the singing, but it was amazing, we only ever went out to get a snack or two.

< Two Days Later >

Today the boys and girls are coming over, I have met Perrie already, but today is the first day I meet Taylor, as in Taylor Swift, Harry's new girl. It really aggravates me so much, I mean I love Harry along with all the other boys, but I mean I think it would be nice for him to settle down with someone, I mean he's an amazing guy, true romantic at heart, but I think because of his 'flirt' status, management needs him to be dating a different girl almost every week to every month.  I mean its sick, Harry get this really bad reputation, because of it, which cause no nice sweet girls he ACTUALLY like come around because they are probably to afraid to be considered a 'fling' of his, and he's only doing that for publicity which causes more publicity for the band.

*Knock knock*

That must be the boys, I walked to the door, well half wobbles towards the door, just as I was about to open it I hear someone talking.

"Why do I have to be here, I don’t like her, she's a slut" I knew straight away that it was Louis, he may not say those things when I'm around, but its not the first time I've heard him bitching about me.

"Louis, give the girl a brake, I mean she has to go through with it, she has to actually give birth to it, I mean … just give her a brake she's a great girl when you get to know her" I knew that was Niall just from the accent, he was like a big brother since I've been here.  I opened the door, when I fake smile on my face and invited the boys in, everyone was there and once they were all in the lounge room Liam had finally gotten dressed and was standing next to me.

"Ok so the reason we wanted to all you guys to be here is because of two things, 1. we want all you guys to help with name the baby, so for boy and girl, we don’t know what it will be yet and we don’t want to know till the birth" Liam said, I loved the way he said we, he truly did want this to be OUR baby and I love him for that. Everyone nodded and I hear Louis mutter something, I don’t quite know what it was but he got a hit over the head by Eleanor, oh did I mention they are now dating again, not as strong as they were but they're getting there.

"And the second is that the baby kicked for the first time the other day" I said, I was suddenly tackled into a hug by El and Perrie, they were so happy about everything, surprisingly El wanted everything to do with the baby, she would always chuck a hissy fit if she miss a baby shopping day or something. It was actually quite amusing.

"Can we feel it please, please, please" they were basically on their knees begging.  I giggled and nodded, they screamed and then I help place their hands on my stomach.  I gave Liam a nod and he started singing again, and once again the baby kicked, the girls were in hysterics jumping around, the boys found this hilarious.

"Well if you felt it too then maybe you would feel the same way" Perrie scoffed, the boys all stopped laughing and bounded up to feel my stomach, ok that sounded weird, anyway they were pushing and shoving trying to fit their hand on my stomach.

"Alright!!! Lads calm down, now I think we should all sing I mean it sounds better and the baby will remember all our voices" Liam said, I smiled and pecked his cheek, he blushed as the boys snickered.

"Hey what about me, the baby would remember Perries because she sings to it all the time, but what about me!" El whined, I giggle and looked at her with an 'really' look. "What?"

"El, the amount of time you 'talk' to the baby or even talk when I'm around I'd be surprised the baby won't know you voice" I giggled, she smiled and giggled.

"True, true, very true" she stated.

"Ok now hurry up I want to feeling my niece or nephew" Harry whined, I giggled and placed their hands on my stomach, I gave them a nod and they all started singing, but nothing happened, I was confused as well as the other boys.

"Why didn't the baby kick?" Niall asked, while staring at my stomach.

"I- I don’t know, maybe its tired" Liam said confused.

"Or maybe it can sense something's missing?" Zayn asked, always the wise one.

"Or someone" I said while looking at Louis, who was still seated on the couch.

He looked up at me as I said that, the boys had all turned around and I swear if looks could kill, I would have died 1000 painful death due to the one Louis was giving us at the moment.  He huffed and got up and slowly walked over to us.  He stood next to me and El came up next to him, everyone smiled and placed their hand on my stomach where I had placed theirs before.  As they started singing I felt another hand land on my stomach and looked over to see El had placed Louis hand on my stomach without him knowing, she gave me a wink and walked off.

As the boys got to the chorus I felt the baby kick quite a few time, and the boys started jumping up and down flipping out just like the girls did. But I realised their was one person I didn’t see doing that and looked down to see a hand still on my stomach.  Louis. He was standing there just  staring at my stomach.

"Louis? Are you ok?" I asked, he shook his head and looked up to me.

"It kicked my hand, like right in the middle of my hand, every single time.  Why not the others?  How does that work? Haven't you been telling it Liam's its father?" He asked.

"Well yes we have but just remember its just a fetus and it only remembers voices not sentences, and also maybe it just felt a connection to you" I told him, I saw a small smile slip onto his face.  He looked back at me and I smiled at him, he smiled back and walked away.

Maybe my relationship with Louis will be better now... I hope.


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