Pregnancy Love

It all happened the night my parents kicked me out because of my apparent drinking and drug addiction, which for those of you who don’t know is no where near true, I did drink a little but who doesn't but I have never even thought about ding drugs. I mean who would want to screw their life up like that, not me, I had everything I ever wanted, great job, amazing friends, who will be there with my till the end and the most supportive boyfriend …. Or so I thought.



Hey guys I know you guys were hoping this was a chapter but I just need to say this.



I'm sorry for not updating this story, but I've been so busy with work, school and 'It All Started With A Twitcam And A Tweet' applications for Niall's gf, oh and f any of you still want to enter contest is open till the 25 of November and I'll be annocing the winner on the 27th or 28th :)

All you have to do is send me an EMAIL (i know quite a few people have been commenting their applications on the movella and im not angry im just pointing out somthing that i NEED you guys to send me an email, not because im angry you guys are doing it but because i want to make sure i got every application and that every one got a far chance).  So any way send me and email to: (I always check it so if you send me one i will get it)

heres what you need.

USERNAME: (I know i forgot to put that in the last one but yeah)





WHY YOU LIKE 'It All Started With A Twitcam And A Tweet':


oh and i am also happy if you want to keep talking to me through email :) I love making new friend and to meet new friends who live in different countrys its so cool xD so yeah dont be afraid to like be like

'Hey you wanna be friends?' 


well yeah that all XD


SO SORRY again, I am working on the next chapter though.

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