Happy ever after

Brittany is an 18 year old girl with two brothers eric and derik, she's known Liam Payne since she was 2 years old she meets up with him again at the mall and sees and Irish hottie staring at her will they fall in love or will they stay friends
Read to find out


4. Talk

Nialls POV- i had mixed emotions right now sad, mad, confused and I don know why she ran away

Britts POV- I got a text from Alexis and she said she would pick me up in 10 minutes , I was ready so I just waited for her to text me because I knew the boys were down stairs watching tv. I got a text from Alexis and I headed downstairs I tried speed walking but they all saw me '' britt you out '' Liam comes to me but I just look at him and walk out of the house. I went with Alexis an we went to see a movie.'' you should talk to Niall when we get back , I talked to him yesturday and he was asking about you. They said they are going go karting today then they would be back at 2 pm at Liam house. '' Alexis said '' no thanks '' I said '' oh let me rephrase it for you , YOUR GOING TO TALK TO NIALL ! '' she said '' why he hates me '' I say '' if he hated you h wouldn't ask about you '' he said.
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