Happy ever after

Brittany is an 18 year old girl with two brothers eric and derik, she's known Liam Payne since she was 2 years old she meets up with him again at the mall and sees and Irish hottie staring at her will they fall in love or will they stay friends
Read to find out


2. Supper

Britts POV- the boys played video games for a while while I called Alexis (my best friend) to tell her Liam is home.

I went downstairs '' would the boys like to stay for dinner ? '' my mother ask so I go upstairs and open the door '' would you boys like to stay for dinner? '' I ask them '' sure we would love to! '' Liam replyed an I could see that Niall was happy they were staying because he had a huge grin on his face. I went back downstairs and told my mom they were staying

I had to walk our dog duke (great Dane) because it was my responsibility. So I went for a walk with him and got back ten minutes later

'' back '' I said an my mom told me to tell the boys to come down '' boys supper '' I went up to the too of the stairs than ran back done because I would be trampled by them If I walked down.

Niall caught up to me '' hey '' he said '' hey Niall '' I said.

We got to the table and finished supper , when I got up my mother did to '' you should go for the blond haired one '' she whispered in my ear I nudged her
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