Happy ever after

Brittany is an 18 year old girl with two brothers eric and derik, she's known Liam Payne since she was 2 years old she meets up with him again at the mall and sees and Irish hottie staring at her will they fall in love or will they stay friends
Read to find out


3. Lock my self in

Britts POV- my parents said that they are going to a party and wouldn't be back till 1 am so they told the boys they could stay at our house till they got back, the bits agreed. '' I'm gonna go get some snacks'' I said because we were putting on a movie. I turn in the radio then Niall walks in, I sit on the table and he leans against the cupboards '' wanna dance ? '' he asks me '' umm sure '' I reply so I get off and we dance and laugh, he leans in like he was gonna kiss me and I say '' Niall wait ... I ... I ... Can't '' I reply and run up to my room , '' lil britt ? What's wrong ! '' Liam asks and runs upstairs to see me but I close my door and lock me in. He knocks on my door '' britt whats wrong ? '' Liam asks '' go away Liam just please go '' I say and I hear him leave then he comes back up with a phone and calles Alexis '' hey al come over please '' he says to he and ends the call. '' I said I don't want to talk to anyone ! '' I say '' I don't like seeing you sad '' he said so I stay silent. Then 5 minutes later I hear Liam explaining it to Alexis and I think Niall must of told everyone. Alexis tells me we will go out for lunch tomorrow together an none of the boys. I say fine then she went home. Everyone came to my door trying to get me to come out except Niall. He must hate me. I told Alexis that I was scared I Would get my heart broken an it was coming to quickly. Then I hear the boys leave and I hear them shut the door then I hear the boys explaining to my parents what happened and then I heard them say that Alexis said I was scared and I texted al '' you told them I was scared !! '' then she replyed saying yes sorry an I forgave her. My mom came up an brought me food I opened th door then closed it and said thanks and she didn't even try to make me come out. I went to bed
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