Happy ever after

Brittany is an 18 year old girl with two brothers eric and derik, she's known Liam Payne since she was 2 years old she meets up with him again at the mall and sees and Irish hottie staring at her will they fall in love or will they stay friends
Read to find out


5. Forgive

britts POV- so basically Alexis was making me talk to Niall.
Went got back home and I Tryed to go in side but she said '' get over here '' all the boys saw threw the window (even Niall) she pushed me then u said '' hey I think I heard my mom call me '' and turned around and tried to get passed her but she held my arms like I was getting arrested and I saw Liam go over to the door, he opens it '' c'mon britt '' he came on the grass and picked me up I squirmed and all of the boys saw it. Then he puts me inside and now all of the boys are looking at me '' I think my mom called me I uh gotta go '' I say and turn around but he turns me back around and I say '' sieriously Liam I have to go '' i squirm out of his death grip and finally get loose but he pushes me (lightly) over to Niall. We make eye contact but then I look away. '' you guys are going to talk upstairs in my room '' and I walk upstairs and sit on his bed , Niall walks right behind me '' I wanna go back downstairs ! '' I say to him '' no liam won't let you leave '' he says so I lay down on his bed and out my head into the pillow. '' look at me britt '' Niall said but I look at the window , he comes over to me and turns my head so I'm looking him right in the eye. '' Niall stop I get it you hate me now can I just please go home '' I say '' I do not hate you britt. Just please tell me why you didn't kiss me ?! '' he said '' I was scared you would break my heart '' I say and he looks at me '' I would never ever do that ! '' he says. '' can you forgive me ? '' he asked '' yes '' I say then he says '' want to go on a date with me? '' he asks I nod '' on one condition '' I say '' yes ? '' he says '' not to fancy ! '' I say '' aww you ruined my plan well then on one condition for me too ! '' he says '' yes ? '' I ask '' I get to attemp to do what I wanted to do last night and you can't run away! '' he says I say fine and we walk downstairs and I don't say much so I walk out and say Byee

Nialls POV- '' Niall what happened ? Why did she leave ? '' Liam asked me '' it's alright were going on a date tonight she was just embarrassed! '' i said '' oh that's great '' Liam said then added on this '' did she look at you in the eyes ? '' '' yes '' I say
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