Little Things (A Niall Horan FanFic)

Nothing is perfect.Right?Well 17 year old Jersey thought she wasn't perfect.She hated everything about her.She said she was ugly.But then one day she runs into a cute blonde hair boy.Niall James Horan.He tried to make her feel special.Jersey wouldn't change,would she?Read to find out peeps....


2. How I Met Her

Niall's POV
The boys and I had a concert in Indianapolis,Indiana.I was very amazed about the state.Before the concert (which was like 9:30 am) I decided I was going to walk around a town called Marshall.It was a small town.The one thing that caught my eye was a short girl with long,wavy,blonde hair.Her eyes were a shimmering,crystal,ocean blue.She was sitting on some swings.She looked like she had sorrow in her eyes.Her head laid up against the metal part of the swing.It was freezing outside.The girl had a short sleeved shirt.I pondered on what should I do for her.I walked over to her.Her blue eyes looked up at me.She gave a beautiful smile."Hello.My name is Niall.What is your name love?"I asked."My name is Jersey.I am 17."she said."Nice to meet you Jersey.Why are you all alone?" "I wanted to be.I didn't want to stay at my home so I came over here to think well." "Is there something wrong with being at your home?" "My mom and dad fight a lot.I have been really depressed.I am bullied a lot too.I have cancer." "I am sorry." I gave Jersey a quick hug."It doesn't really matter to anyone anymore.I got cancer because doctors wouldn't treat my other disease that left untreated could lead to cancer.I have Fibromyalgia."Jersey said.So this poor girl was just left untreated and now has to pay the price of cancer?That isn't right.Jersey had tears in her eyes."Please don't cry."I said trying to comfort her.I put my jacket over her."I better leave Niall.Bye."Jersey said.She kissed my cheek and went home.I went back to the hotel to get ready.

*4 hours later.....*

I was backstage ready for the concert.I couldn't get Jersey out of my mind.When we walked on to stage I caught a glimpse of a familiar girl.To my surprise it was Jersey.I smiled when I seen her.She waved at me.I watched her turn around.A guy with a gun starred at her.Jersey screamed.I could here that it was her dad.I looked at Liam.I had the look in my eye that said I was going to help her.Liam gave me the look not to.I jumped off the stage.I stood in front of Jersey.She wrapped her arms around my waist.I could feel her crying."Leave her alone!"I yelled.Her dad starred at me.Then security go a hold of him.I grabbed Jersey's hand and pulled her backstage so she could calm down.She cried while she sat down on the couch.CPS had came to talk to her.They said they would take Jersey and her brother to a foster home.That's when I said,"I will take care of her." Liam looked at me like I was some mental person."If you think you can take care of her then fine."the CPS guy said.Jersey hugged me.Honestly,I liked her hugging me.I didn't mind it at all.Her brother was given to their aunt.Jersey came with us.The boys tried their best to get to know her.If I was her,I would be very annoyed right now.The boys kept talking at the same time.She would just laugh.She sounded cute when she laughed.Am I falling in love?I guess I am.

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