who knew love would be so famous

Brenda who is a huge fan of One Direction had gone to a sighning when see had finally meet One Direction. Altough she hadn't been doing much, but wait in a long line. She was the last girl to have them sighn her merch she was really chilled out, Liam and Harry both loved how she was not like the other girls she wasn't screaming all of the place. Harry gave Brenda his number and so did Liam. What Brenda didnt know is that two boys from the band had fallin in love with her. Now Brenda has to choose which boy is more passionte for her love and is worth the hate people would give her. In this story is love, sacreface, conflicts, and resolution. Who do you think Brenda would chooseHarry Liam or none. In this fanfic its talking about a girl who has dreamed to meet One Direction but didnt dream of having one for herself. Chilly days, a perfect time to make a move on a girl you really like. This story is talking about what girls really want in life, but get it in there fantasy's instead.


1. Love in the fall air

Brenda was getting ready to have a nice time with her friends at a sighning of One Direction. Being in a long line of screaming girls. She was ready for the boys she was the last girl to have her merch sighned. Brenda was in a long line all day and tired of it when she meet One Direction she was really chilled out . Harry loved how she was funny and Liam loved her personality right after the sighning Harry and Liam had caught up to her giving there number to her. Brenda had no idea what was happing just thought it was boys being boys. It was chilly in England so she thought it was a nice day for a stroll. When she crashed into Niall, next thig she knew she was standing in the middile of Niall's flat. Brenda starts to hang out with the boys a little more. Although she doesnt want Niall to know she has a crush on him, Brenda makes it so obivious but so does Niall. One night Brenda is with the boy's all of the sudden akwardness hits, so Brenda say's " im going home see you guys later" the boys say bye except for Niall, before Brenda even touche's the door she hears the boys talking to Niall " You like Brenda Niall admit it you do youve been flirting and smiling at her the whole time she was here" Liam say's. Niall responds " Okay i do, but dont tell her I want to ask her out my self" Brenda leaves happy knowing that Niall likes her back. The next day Brenda run into Niall at starbucks Niall takes a gulp and asked Brenda " Hey Brenda do you want to go out sometime" Brenda replies with a yes.

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