A New Start....

A Twisted Love Story Occuring With 5 Crazy Boys From The Band One Direction And 5 Crazed Fan Teenage Girls From Jacksonville Florida.


2. Who Did They Run Into???

The Girls Stop At A 7 Eleven To Get Icees And Fill Up The Car With Gas. They Walk In And See 5 Guys At The Icee Machine, They Notice The Hair The Jeans The Shoes..... WOAH! ITS ONE DIRECTION!!!! Payton Elbows Erin And All Of The Girls And They Freak Out. Payton Casually Walks Up To Liam And Whispers " Hi I Noticed You And Im Your Biggest Fan! I Love You!!" Liam Sees Her And Looks In Her Eyes And Immediately Falls In Love. He Asks " Are You All Alone Love?And She Explained " No Babe Me And My Bestfriends Were On A Road Trip To The Concert Which Was Just 6 Days Away." Liam Offered For ALL The Girls To Stay With Them And They Accepted They Arrived In Illinois They Stayed In An Elegant Hotel In Downtown Chicago Payton Immediately Called Her Sister And Screamed About What Happened Her Sister Was Extatic For Her. ***The Next Part Will Be From Me (Paytons) Point Of View*****

We Finally Got To The Hotel Where The Boys Were Staying They Let Us Stay In Their Room With Them I Thought To Myself Thank You Lord BaJeezuss!!! Liam Walked Casually Up To Me And Asked If I Wanted To Go Somewhere With Him, Of Course I Said Yes! He Led Me Out The Door And Grabbed My Hand It Was Soo Sweet!! He Told Me That I Was The Most Beautiful Girl He Had Ever Seen. He Looked Into My Eyes In The Elevator And Said " Payton Would You Like To Be My Girlfriend?" I Stared Into His Eyes And Replied " Ummm Oh Erghhh, Really? Me Over ANY Other Girl?" And Liam Repied " Yes You! You're Gorgeous Funny And Smart And I Would Really Love To Get To Know You Better." I Replied Shyly " Yes..." He Hugged Me And The Slow Elevator Ride From The Top Floor Was Over We Went To Get Gelato From The Icecream Bar And Of Course Order Pizza For Niall. We Walked Hand-In-Hand To The Elevator And Walked Into The Room Not Touching Just Smiling. I Ran Up To My Bestfriends Of Seven Years And Pulled Them Into The Hallway I Whispered " Liam Asked Me Out!!! I Said Yes!" My Bestfriends All Screamed SO Loud. I Was About To Cry. And Then The Boys All Walked Out And Said " Is Everything Okay Loves?" Liam Walked To Me And Whispered " You Told Them?" He Made The Announcement To His Bandmates That He And I Were Dating. Then It Happened....

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