A New Start....

A Twisted Love Story Occuring With 5 Crazy Boys From The Band One Direction And 5 Crazed Fan Teenage Girls From Jacksonville Florida.


4. The Knock......

I Heard A Loud Banging At The Door Of Our Hotel Room Liam And I Walked To The Door, I Looked Through The Peep Hole, It Was My Sister, My Neices And Her Husband. AHHHH!!! I Couldnt Wait To Tell Them About Me And Liam. I Asked The Boys If It Was Okay For Them They All Agreed And Liam Just Looked At Me And Smiled And Said " Anything For You My Love." He Pressed His Warm Lips Against Mine Before Opening The Door I Saw My Sister And My Three Beautiful Nieces And Of Course Dan. I Screamed And Attacked My Sister We Were Crying Tears Of Joy I Missed Her So Much. Liam Couldnt Help But Smiling Because I Was So Happy My Nieces I Was Seeing Them For The First Time In 3 Years They Were Five. I Skyped The With The Girls They ABSOLUTELY Loved The Boys. I Pulled My Sister Int The Hal And Told Her I Was Dating The Man Of My Dreams Liam James Payne. She Almost Fainted. I Forgot I Had To Call My Mom. I Called My Mom. My Mommy Answered " Hello Payton? Are You Okay Did You Get There Safe?" I Replied Giggling " Yess Mommy, GUESS WHAT?!!!" "What Hunny?" My Mom Asked " Im Dating Liam!!." She Freaked Out. My Nieces Got Autographs And Hugs From All The Boys And My Sister And Her Family Left. We All Layed Down With Our Boys. And Fell Asleep.

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