A New Start....

A Twisted Love Story Occuring With 5 Crazy Boys From The Band One Direction And 5 Crazed Fan Teenage Girls From Jacksonville Florida.


5. Falling For Him

It Was 7Am I Rolled Over And Checked My Phone I Had One Text From Liam, It Read " Hey Babe Went To The Pool For A Swim. Come Meet Me Xxxx Love You. -Liam (: I Put On One Of The Bikinis Erin Packe I Left A Note Saying I Took It And Went To The Pool. I Saw Liam There With A Fan He Was Being Akward, I Walked Up He Pulled Me In For A Kiss And Picked Me Up Saying By To The Fan. He Ran Into The Pool And Jumped With Me In His Arms. I Said "Im Sorry I Look Terible." He Replied " Love You Could Never Look Bad." I Noticed Right Then I Was In Love With Him. Erin,Zayn, AnnaGrace,NiallAnd Kyla And Harry Walked Into The Pool Area We All Went Swimming Except For Louis And Emma, Hmm Wonder What They're Doing? Lol. Erin And Zayn Were In The Hot Tub Niall And Anna Were Getting Icecream Kyla And Harry Saw A Stray Cat On The Road And Went Outside To Pet It. Liam And I Escaped To The Gym And Started Messing Around He Was Chasing Me Around Then I Ran Out Of The Gym And Ran Up The Service Stairs He Came Right After Me Yelling " Im Gonna Get You!" I Screamed Back " Catch Me If You Can!!" We Ran All The Way To The Room We Ran In And Louis And Emma Were Still Asleep We Were Quiet I Whispered That I Was Getting In The Shower. He Asked If He Could Hop In Too, I Paniced, I Quickly Said " Ummmm Sure." He Was Undressing And Asked " You Want Some Help Love?" I Replied Shyly " I I I I Ummmm.... Sure?" He Knew I Was Uncomfortable. But I Undressed Myself. We Both Got In The Shower He Said " Babe Dont Be Shy, Be Yourself." He Leaned In To Kiss Me And I Kissed Back He Was The First Guy I Had Ever Done This With And He Started Singin Into My Ear " You're Insecure Dont Know What For You're Turning Heads When You Walk Through The Do-Ooor." I Giggled We Got Out Of The Shower. I Threw On Pink Aeropostale Short Shorts And A Black TankTop. Liam Just Put On Some Khaki Pants And We Went To The Desk And Asked For Some Sightseeing Pamphlets, Even Though I Know Everything We Were In My Hometowm<3 

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