A New Start....

A Twisted Love Story Occuring With 5 Crazy Boys From The Band One Direction And 5 Crazed Fan Teenage Girls From Jacksonville Florida.


1. 5 Guys Meet 5 Girls.

Five Gorgeous Eight-Teen Year Old Girls Coming From Jacksonville Florida Are Going On A Crazy Bestfriend Road Trip Going To Chicago Illinois To Go To The First American Hit Concert Of The New One Direction Album. Anna Grace Decided To Go With Caroline To Go Rent The Green Convertible, Erin And Kyla Are Doing Last Minute (As Always!!) Food Shopping, And Emma And Payton Are Packing EVERYTHING Needed And More. Anna Grace And Caroline Are First On Their Way To Go Get Payton And Emma From Emmas House With Emmas 3 Duffle Bags And Paytons 2. They Throw The Bags In The Trunk And Hop In The Three Rowed ( 2 Seats In The Front 2 In The Middle And 3 In The Very Back.) Neon Green Convertible. They Were Of To Go Get Kyla And Erin From Arlington And Then They Were Off To Chicago. They Arrived At Erins And Kyla Put The Bags In The Trunk And They Were Off. Payton Called Her 28 Year Old Sister To Tell Her They Were On The Way. ( Paytons Sister Lives In Chicago With Her Husband Dan.) Payton Had A Lady At The Gas Station Take A Picture Of Them And The Car So She Could Upload It To Instagram And Twitter. The Girls Were Giggling The Whole Way To Indiana. They Were 2 Hours Away.. I Wonder Who They Will Run Into....?.......

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