She Will Be Loved(1D Fanfiction)

Evie meets these five boys and may even save her. Can they change her view of life? Will she fall for one? Maybe two? Will they both fall for her? Some hearts will break, but will mend in time. Do I sense betrayl? Lies? Secretcy?:O Read and find out!


17. The Concert!

Evies's POV

  I can't believe I just made them promise something that big based on a pinky! "You guys better keep your promise or I will hurt you all!" I yelled at them. They laughed. "I'm serious!" I said as I put a pouty face on and sat on the ground with my knees pulled up to my chest. "We promise." Niall said as they all came and hugged me. "Well boys I think we should get ready to go to the concert since Evie is the only one ready." Zayn said. They agreed and went to take showers as Lou came and kissed me gently, and pulled something out of his back pocket. It was a pair of purple suspenders, they matched perfectly with my outfit. I put them on and said, "Thanks Lou!" We kissed again and then he left too. A little while later they were all ready and we got in the limo and started driving. They all smiled a little and that honestly scared me. They looked at eachother and nodded. I shofted in my seat a little uncomfortably. They each pulled out a box from behind their backs. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVIE!" They shouted. "Aww, thanks guys, but you really didn't have to get me things!" "Well, we never had a chance to give them to you!" Liam said. I grunted. Niall started, he gave me his box and I slowly opened it. Wow. I was shocked, it was the most beautiful bracelet I have ever seen! "OMG thanks you so much Niall!" I said squeezing the life out of him. He said your welcome. Then Harry gave me his box and it was a matching pair of earrings! I went through the same routine. Then Liam gave me his box. It was a really pretty pair of flats, decorated perfectly with colorful designs! Same routine again! Then Zayn gave me his slightly larger box. I opened it and it was... wow... the most amazing dress ever! It had one sleeve, and it was a turqiouse blue with sequence all over it. It went half way down to my knees, it would hug my body at the top and flow down near the bottom. It was breathtaking! I did the same thing to him! Then Lou handed me a smaller box. I opened it. I. Couldn't. Belive. It. My mouth dropped open, tears starting to flood in my eyes. I hugged him for a long time. It was the necklace my mother had given me, that I had lost in the water when I was thrown in! "How did you get this?!" I asked him anxiously. "I seen it off your neck when we got you out of the water, so I went and got scuba gear and searched until I found it." I hugged him again tighter this time. He put it around my neck. This could not be more perfect.

  "Let's play a game while we wait!" Lou suggested. "We each have to share something we don't think the other s know about us, Evie you first." He continued. "Um.. well, lets see, I did gymnastics." I said. The others all shared something too. Louis just said he liked carrots, as if we didn't know that! We pulled up to where the concert was going to be and the fans were terrifying! We finally made it to the back of the stage. I had went to the bathroom to fix my makeup. I was now wearing the flats Liam had gotten me. But I was still wearing my shirt, high shorts, and suspenders. I went back behind stage amd wished them all luck. They performed a lot of songs. They were going to perform one more song. It was I Want. After that they were still out there. "There is one more thing we want to do before we leave tonight!" Lou yelled into the microphone. trying to overpower the crazed fans. The others looked at him confused. He continued with, "I am dating this wonderful girl named Evie..." What the hell was he doing?! "And she has an amazing voice!" Oh hell no! Hell to the no! By now all the boys were smiling evily. I started walking backwards to the back exit. When I heard, "And I want for the world to know!" And the crowd started cheering. I had my hand on the door handle when a very big pair of muscular hands grabbed my waist and hoisted me into the air. My arms and legs were flailing everywhere. Someone pushed a microphone into my hands and put me onto a platform. I swear to god I was living in the hunger games because galss closed around me, so I couldn't get out. I was rising up and I could already see the bright lights. "And here is the amazing Evie!" I heard Harry's voice this time. I got to the top of the stage and felt like I was going to throw up. My microphone wasn't on yet. They all came around me and turned theirs off. "What the hell guys?!" I practically screamed, but the crowd was still cheering though. "C'mon Evie! You can do it!" Zayn said as they all nodded in agreement. "I thought you guys wanted me to stop puking?!" They all laughed, thinking I was overreacting but I wasn't at all! It was dead silent as the crowd was trying to listen. They were all begging me and encouraging me. Louis turned on his mic and said, "Who wants Evie to sing for us?!" They all cheered. They all gave me the I told you so look. "I fucking hate you guys! I'm going to end up killing you guys for this!" I said only loud enough for them to hear. They all smiled. Lou ushered me towards the square that rose me up from the floor. The track for Titanium started playing. They gave me thumbs up. I glared at them. I started rising up. I started singing very nervously. Then I thought about my parents and my necklace and Lou and how he found it for me and how I loved them all so much. I sang my whole freaking soul and poured my heart into the song. By the time I was done rising I was like ten feet in the air. I had no clue what I was doing but I did it. I walked to the edge of the platform to get a running start. As I sang the last line of the song I ran forward on full speed. I jumped high in the air, I heard gasps, I flipped three times and landed on my feet with the hand that didn't have a mic on the ground, with my head down and I put it up and everyone saw I was ok.  No matter how cliche it sounds it was freaking awesome! They started cheering loudly and clapping. I stood up and all the boys' eyes were freaking huge it was hilarious! They were completely frozen. Smiles suddenly grew on their faces, just as big as their eyes. "I told you guys I did gymnastics!" I said as I hugged them all. "That was freaking amazing!" They all said. We all walked off stage amazed! Especially me, I did not know I was going to do that!



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