She Will Be Loved(1D Fanfiction)

Evie meets these five boys and may even save her. Can they change her view of life? Will she fall for one? Maybe two? Will they both fall for her? Some hearts will break, but will mend in time. Do I sense betrayl? Lies? Secretcy?:O Read and find out!


13. Oh Snap, Yes!

Evie's POV

 "Wake up!" I heard them all shout. "Five more minutes," I replied as I put the pillow over my head. "Evie, wake up, the doctor said you could go home today!" I heard a low morning voice say, knowing it was Harry. I sat up and a smile had plastered itself onto my face. I get to go home! "HARRY! We were supposed to suprise her!" I hear Niall's thick Irish accent retort. "Look she's suprised!" Lou responded jumping up and down and clapping like a retarded seal. My smile grew bigger. "So I really get to go home now?!" I questioned in excitment, not sure if they were just saying it to get me out of bed. They were all surrounding my bed and nodded and slightly grinned. That scared me. "What?" I hesitantly asked. Zayn looked at me then to his left at Liam, who looked to his left at Harry, who looked to his left to Niall, who looked to his left at Louis. (I know it's knid of confusing but basically they looked at one another to explain it.) I noticably rolled my eyes and said, "Someone tell me already before I go back to sleep!" They all looked to Louis as they started backing out of the room. "Oh no you don't! Get back in here!" I shouted as they were exiting the door. They sighed and pranced back in the room. Lou then rolled his eyes and said, "Before they can let you go they have to take blood and make sure your ok to leave..." My eyes suddenly grew huge and were probably popping out of my head because the boys were snickering. "There is no way in hell I'm doing that! You guys know I hate needles! Especially on the finger!" I yelled. "Love, it's either that or stay another week under supervision." Harry smirked as he said it, flashing his adorable dimples at me. I could feel Lou tense up from across the room. I shook my head no and crossed my arms. "As much as I want to leave this place, there is no way I'm letting them insert some pointy object into my skin and suck out my insides!" I assured them.

   They were all surrounding me again, giving me puppy dog eyes and pouty faces. I was amune to this affect. I shook my head somemore. They all started begging me and fake crying. I was starting to feel bad after all they had done for me. "You can hold my hand." Liam responded holding out his hand and wiggling his fingers. I didn't even have to look at Lou, I knew he was shooting him an icy cold glare. "Or you can hold my hand." Lou added in. I put my head back and my hands out in defeat. They all cheered and Zayn ran and got the doctor. Lou grabbed one of my hands while the doctor was getting ready to suck the juices out of the other. I winced as the doctor rubbed a cotton ball with rubbing alchol on my finger. The boys were laughing so hard they were tearing up. I stuck my tongue out at them, it would had been the finger if I had one loose. As if reading my mind Lou smirked and let go of my hand. I flicked them off and placed my hand back in his and smiled. They frowned. I glanced at the doctor and he was about to do it. "Don't watch, it helps." He said as if he could feel my nerves. The boys all but Lou left the room to give the doctor room. They were smashing their faces on the glass windows the whole time to distract me. Their the best. I felt a little pinch, I squeezed my eyes shut and squeezed Lou's hand and he squeezed it back. A couple seconds later the doctor told me it was done and he would be back with the results shortly. "You did great," Niall said as they all agreed and came back into the room. We fooled around for awhile, until the doctor came in. He said I was alright to leave. He handed me some pain medicine and some antibiotics. I changed into my clothes, got my stuff, and took one of each pill.


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