She Will Be Loved(1D Fanfiction)

Evie meets these five boys and may even save her. Can they change her view of life? Will she fall for one? Maybe two? Will they both fall for her? Some hearts will break, but will mend in time. Do I sense betrayl? Lies? Secretcy?:O Read and find out!


16. Oh No You didnt!

Evie's POV

  I put my new swimsuit on and pulled a t-shirt that says take a picture it lasts longer, and some shorts on over it. I grabbed some towels for all of us. I ran out there and they were already in the water. I threw the towels on the chair and pulled off the shorts and the shirt I had on. They all stared and their mouths dropped open. I picked up the shirt and pointed at it and smirked, and they all laughed. I ran and jumped in the water. We swam for a couple hours. We raced and played marco polo and many other games. I pulled myself out of the water and ran and grabbed a towel, wrapped it around me and ran inside. I started the water for a shower and ran and grabbed some clothes. I grabbed my iPhone and the speakers. I plugged it in and blasted one of my all time favorite songs, Titanium. I jumped in the shower and was shampooing my hair. I started singing along to the song as it went on loop over and over again. I got out of the shower and dried my hair. I pulled on my highwaist shorts and tucked in my button up, baggy shirt. It had flowers on it. I straightened my hair, and applied an light amount of makeup and brushed my teeth again. My iPhone died in the middle of the song, but I kept singing along, as I knew all the words. Then I started singing Kelis Milkshake. It was stuck in my head so I just decided to sing it.

   I started twisting the doorknob to leave and I heard shuffling in the hallway outside the room. Oh. My. God. Did they just hear me sing?! Kill me! I was so emberassed! I swung the door open and looked out and they were all downstairs playing go fish. Go fish my ass! I put my stuff in my room and went down there and sat across from them. "Sooo, guys..." I started. "What's up?" Zayn asked quickly. "So, who's winning?" I asked. "Winning what?" Niall asked confused, not realizing they were 'playing go fish'. Liam facepalmed. I stood up and pointed my finger at them and shouted, "I knew it! You can't tell anyone!" "Tell anyone what?" Harry said convincingly but not enough. "What is with you and pretending to be a dumbass lately?! Don't play this bullshit with me! You guys know exactly what I'm talking about!" I screamed. "Love, you have a AMAZING voice! Why are you hiding it?" Lou said. I blushed. "Exactly." They said, noticing me blushing. I gave them the finger. "You guy's promise me you won't tell anyone anything!" I said as I held out my pinky. They all promised.


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