She Will Be Loved(1D Fanfiction)

Evie meets these five boys and may even save her. Can they change her view of life? Will she fall for one? Maybe two? Will they both fall for her? Some hearts will break, but will mend in time. Do I sense betrayl? Lies? Secretcy?:O Read and find out!


11. Just A Dream?

     Lou's POV

   We got back to the hospital and had bought her birthday presents and lunch and walked in the room. She was in a very deep sleep. I went over and sat on the edge of the bed and shook her a little but not too much to hurt her. I said, "Evie?" Over and over again. Still nothing. The boys and I were getting worried. We went and got the doctor. He came in and was very shocked. He said he was going to let her go home tomorrow but I guess not now. She was in a coma... We looked closely at her and saw tears gliding down her perfect cheeks. I went to stroke her cheek and she flinched. I pushed her hair out of her face and she had a bruise on the side of her forehead. The doctor questioned us and we told him that we didn't know it was there until now. He examined it more and realized that it was recent.

    We visited everyday and there was no difference. It had been almost three weeks and I was getting really worried. As were the others. They had to postpone all of our conerts and tours cuz I was sure as hell not leaving her bedside. I wouldn't sleep very often. Maybe once in a while when the boys came up and didn't fall asleep anf let me. I was holding her hand in mine like they were ment for eachother. I felt a slight squeeze, my eyes flew open and the others looked at me like they had seen a ghost. "Go get the doctor!" I yelled. Niall and Liam scrambled to their feet and ran out the door to find the doctor. Harry and Zayn got up quickly and paced over to her side. The doctor came in and I explained what happened and he told me to keep an eye on her, as if I don't now! And to call hime if anything else happens. I agreed.

    Evie's POV

  Those same scenes kept replaying in my head and stamping them into my brain. I thought about my parents and how I lost her necklace. I cant believe I lost it! I realized that I had to let go and surender. That way I could be with my parents also. I let go of the small piece of hope I was still holding onto. And thats when I saw it... the light!

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