She Will Be Loved(1D Fanfiction)

Evie meets these five boys and may even save her. Can they change her view of life? Will she fall for one? Maybe two? Will they both fall for her? Some hearts will break, but will mend in time. Do I sense betrayl? Lies? Secretcy?:O Read and find out!


25. Did I Scare You?

Evie's POV

I quickly got up and ran to my dresser/desk in my case. I searched threw the droors until I found what I was looking for... a water gun and paint (washable of course). I tiptoed over to the bathroom and filled it up with a hot pink paint. I let out a little snicker and crept back to my room. I laid back in my bed with the water gun in my hand and under my pillow. I grabbed my phone, unlocked it and logged onto Twitter. Hate. Hate. And more hate. Nothing unusual. Then something caught my eye. A tweet actually. @EveKamster @EleanorJCalder Don't let the hate get to you babe, their just jealous. I'm so happy for you. #Tomey xx. I RT and then followed her and replied saying: @EleanorJCalder Thanks babe, I needed that. I'll DM you, yeah? xx.

We started DMing and we had all of these pointless convorsations, but they cheered me up lots. It must have been 45 minutes and then I realized what I was supposed to be doing so I told her I would speak to her later. I put my phone on the table and pretended I was sleeping. I choose the right time to do that too, cuz not even ten minutes later I heard the door creaking open and more than one pair of feet. I knew I was gonna get it but I had to, for my own amusement. I felt more than one person sit on the end of the bed while another was sitting by me and stroking my hair, which I'm assuming is Lou. I quickly whipped that baby out and started squirting. They all ended up on one side of the room. Lou was protecting his suspenders by the look of it. Zayn was covering his hair and trying to cover his face. Harry was protecting himself by holding Liam in front of him. And Liam was trying to get out of Harry's grip. I bursted out laughing. I scanned them all but when I got to Zayn I dropped the watergun and booked it down the stairs.  There was no longer an blonde streak. It was PINK! Along with other parts of his hair as well. But the one thing that got me to run was the freaking look on his face. If he were in cartoons he would have steam coming out of his ears. MY FOOT KILLS RIGHT NOW! Oh well, suck it up you have to hide! Where to hide?! Bathroom? No to obvious. Behind the couch? Hell no, why would you even think that brain?! Do you wanna get yourself killed?! Well... STOP! Haha a little dramatic? Your wasting time! Just hide already!

I ran over to Niall's bedroom at the end of the hall. I flung the door open as quickly and quietly as possible, and closed it behind me. I sprinted over to his closet, slid the door open, and went to the back. I inhaled and his scent immediatley came to me and I realized how much I missed that Irish boy. I heard feet coming down the hall. Then each door being opened and each room searched thuroghly. They got closer by the mintue. Finally Niall's door swung open and hit the wall with a THUD! "Evieeeee I know your in here..." He said creepily. He said it just the way 'HE' said it. He being my uncle. He always said that after I had run and hid in my room after not doing something right. I was paralyzed. I felt a single warm tear stroll down my cheek as I remembered what he did to me. What he took from me. I heard Liam, Harry, and expecially Lou trying to calm him down. "Evieeee, come out. I wanna give you a hug." I didn't have to see him to know he had an evil grin on his face. I squeezed my eyes shut and kept them that way, tight.

I felt another tear find its way down my cheek. I heard a door swing open, then arms being wrapped around my waist. I screamed and started flailing my arms and legs. I was being hugged by Zayn and I could feel the paint soaking through my clothes. He held me at arms length and studied my probably tear stained face. Worry flushed their faces. "Evie, I'm soo sorry I didn't mean to scare you that much." He said as he hugged me more gently. I hugged back. "It's not that, Zayn. It's just... " "That's what my uncle said to me before he would beat me. It's fine guys." I finished a little softer. I was lifted up off of Zayn's lap and engulfed in an enormous group hug. I knew I had to tell them sometime, that day might as well be today. "Guy's..I....can't.......breath!" They let go of me and looked at me expectantly. "Guy's I'll tell you everything after Niall's back so I don't have to repeat it, ok?" They nodded. "So when are we going to go see my little Irish leprachaun?" I asked. They chuckled. "After we get cleaned up? This is washable right?" Liam asked concerned. I gave them an apologetic look. Their eyes turned into fire. "KIDDING!Yes its washable! Chill guys!" I quickly added. They all sighed. Zayn leaped up to clean his hair probably. There are four bathrooms. Harry and Liam ran after Zayn to get a bathroom as well. Leaving one bathroom and me and Lou. "Go ahead, I did it so I deserve to go last." I said pushing him out the door. He shook his head and said, "Nope." Popping the 'p'. "Ladies first. You are a lady aren't you?" He said raising an eyebrow and scanning me up and down. "No, I'm a man in disguise. Shh. Don't tell anyone." I said sarcastically while rolling my eyes. I slapped his arm. He put his sad, pouty face on. I sighed and hugged him. He chuckled as he pushed me through the door. "Lou, seriously go ahead, your faster than me anyway." I said. "No, Evie, your going first whether you like it or not!" He yelled as he through me over his shoulders. I sighed once again, knowing I wasn't going to get outta this one. I dangled over his shoulders as he carried me  up the stairs.

I grabbed my clothes and jumped in the shower. I did my hair in a side french braid and threw on some neon green skinny jeans and a loose long sleeve pink shirt that says YOLO in blue. I applied some eye liner, mascara, and did a smoky eye shadow. Then lastly I put on some clear- pinkish lipgloss. I went downstairs while Lou took his shower. I went on Twitter and talked to Eleanor for awhile longer. I am glad I met her, she makes me laugh like an actual friend. The boys all came downstairs besides Lou who was still in the shower. The boys and I were just chatting for awhile until Lou came down and we got ready to go see Niall. YAY FINALLY!


This long chaper should make up for me not updating. Sorry guys I've been busy though! I hope you guys enjoyed this book so far! I don't know if I am going to do a sequel or not... Anyways, comment, favorite, like, and tell your friends I guess! Byeee.



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