She Will Be Loved(1D Fanfiction)

Evie meets these five boys and may even save her. Can they change her view of life? Will she fall for one? Maybe two? Will they both fall for her? Some hearts will break, but will mend in time. Do I sense betrayl? Lies? Secretcy?:O Read and find out!


8. 8. The Intruder.

       They all just looked at eachother, smiled, (especially Lou) and walked to the door. "Where are you guy's going?" I asked confused. "Well since you didn't tell us your birthday was today and we didn't have time to go shop were going now. So stay!" Lou said matter of factly. "Guy's I didn't tell you because I didn't want you guy's spending money on me." I whined. "Too bad!" They all said in unison. I just sighed because I knew there was no way to get Lou out of this one. So then Lou came over and whispered in my ear: "I'll text you when were on our way home and he kissed me. All the other guys groaned on waiting for him. And that made him take longer which made both of us laugh. Then they went out of the door and drove off.

     I went to my room and went on my phone and seen I had many missed calls from my uncle. And a picture from Zara of flyers my uncle had posted at the stores saying she went missing and what not, AND the boys just went to the store! GREAT their going to ask me questions now! I started daydreaming about Lou until my thoughts were interrupted by the door clicking open. They couldn't be back already, if it wasn't them then who the hell was it?! At that point I was freaking the freak out! I slowly opened my bedroom door so it wouldn't make any noise, and walked to the end of the stairs and looked down. There was a girl who I know I've seen before... Lou's ex girlfriend Jessie! OMFG! Why was she here?! I looked down at her hands and there was a... HUGE knife! At that point I quietly ran back to my room as silently as I could, grabbed my phone and dialed 911. "How may I help you?" They asked. "There is a girl in my friends house with a knife and I'm the only one home!" I gave her the address and said help was on the way. I dialed Lou's number and it started to ring. "Hey babe were-" "Jessie's in your freaking house with a freaking knife! I am hiding-"I cut him off and she cut me off as she busted the door open and yelled, "Hiding where?" "Are you ok?! Are you still there?! What's going on Evie?!" Lou questioned frantically, while telling the others whats going on in the background. "I'm in the closet in my room and she's outside it." I whispered as quiet as possible, I thought it was quiet enough but soon realized it wasn't when she yelled, "Hiding in the closet are we?!" She ripped the door open and pulled me out by my hair causing me to scream and drop my phone, although I could still hear Lou screaming on the other end.

       The police are on their way here, do you really wanna get caught breaking into One Directions house, I'm pretty sure you will become very popular though." I said to try to not sound scared even though I was terrified. "I don't care, Lou was mine, and you had to go around holding hands and running from the paparazzi and kissing him and god knows what else you forced him to do!" She screamed in my face. "I didn't force him to do anything, he's on the phone if you want to ask him yourself," I say poiting towards my phone on the ground. She glances at it and thats when I make my move. I elbow her right in the stomach. Then I feel a sharp pain in my side. I put my hand there and start running down the stairs. she is still in the room catching her breath probably, I don't know, all I know is I need to get outta here. I'm almost at the bottom of the stairs when I look at the hand I had on my side and I see all the blood. I froze. Then I hear her footsteps, I continued running and got to the door, swing it open, and run outside, slamming my body right into Lou's, causing my side to burn and I wince. He looks at me and see's my blood. "She's still in there," I say trying to catch my breath now. He picks me up and runs to the car, everyone is already ahead of us running to it. I lift my hand again and look at it, then I lean out the window and puke. "It's going to be ok. Your going to be ok." Lou say s reasuringly, he is really good at doing that. Thats when the police arrive. They go into the house and look for her with their guns ready. They allow me to go to the hospital. Lou is at my side the entire time until the nurse shoos him away for the surgery.

            I wake up with Lou sleeping in the chair next to my bed. And the others are on the other side of the room. How sweet, they all stayed. I try to sit up and wince and give up. "Zayn, Zayn, Zayn!" I say one last time and then throw one of my pillows at his face, then his eyes fly open and he immediatley sits up. He looks at me trying to focus his eyes, and finally says, "Evie, love, are you ok? How are you feeling?" "I'm fine, now wake the others and go home and sleep there, ok?" "Evie, were staying here to make sure your ok," He says. "And I take that as your not leaving?" I reply. "Yupp." He says happily, since he won the unesecary arguement. "Evie?" He says. "Yeah?" I reply. "I'm really sorry about that whole thing with the canal, I mean I'm really sorry-" I cut him off with, "Zayn stop , we went over this, it was an accident, and it's fine! Got it? Good. Now go back to sleep," I say as I throw one of my many blankets at him. He smiles and closes his eyes once again. I then throw each one of them a blanket and they all grab it like they knew it was there.

       "She'll be ok right?" I hear Lou's voice trembling with worry.

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