She Will Be Loved(1D Fanfiction)

Evie meets these five boys and may even save her. Can they change her view of life? Will she fall for one? Maybe two? Will they both fall for her? Some hearts will break, but will mend in time. Do I sense betrayl? Lies? Secretcy?:O Read and find out!


7. 7. My Birthday

    Then I feel pressure on my chest over and over again. Then I feel lips on mine, blowing oxygen into my lifeless body. Then my eyes fluttered open and I coughed and coughed and coughed, water coming up every time. Louis was doing CPR on me. He hugged me very tightly and I hugged him back. They were all crying especially Zayn, Niall, and Liam, since they did it. They all ran to me and hugged me and apologized and kept apologizing I told them it was fine and that it was an accident and they kept apologizing. Then Louis got up and punched Zayn right in the face! "You could have killed her!" He screamed! And then went to punch him again as he fell to the ground. But I ran over and made him look at me and calmed him down and told him I was ok and everything was ok, and he calmed down. I looked down and my mothers necklace that I wear everyday was gone! It was the only thing I had of hers, and now it was gone in the freaking water somewhere in the world! I tear escaped my eye and trickled down my cheek but I quickly wiped it away as I saw Louis watching me.

       I got a towel from Harry and went to my room to change and dry my hair. All the gel had washed out in the canal. Once I was done, like on que, my phone rang. I went and answered it, it was Zara! I had forgotten to call her, she was worried sick I felt so bad. But I told her everything and she promised not to tell. Then in the middle of our convorsation she screamed "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" And scared me half to death. Yes today was November 11th and was my birthday. I said thanks. We talked for a little while more and then I told her I had to go. The boys were probably worried too. I said, "Thanks again for the birthday wishes!" And we said our goodbyes. I looked over and Louis was standing there. "Today's your birthday?!" He said sort of happily and angry. I was confused. "No, where'd you hear that?" I questioned. I don't know how he knew but he knew it was a lie! "GUY'S! GUY'S! TODAY'S EVIE'S BIRTHDAY! He yelled like a little child that had found out a secret. He ran out of my room, I set down my phone and ran after him. The next thing I know is that there was a HUGE bang and when I say HUGE I mean HUGE! I ran even faster and Louis was on top of Zayn just punching him time after time! He was screaming, "YOU GUY'S ALMOST KILLED HER ON HER FREAKING BIRTHDAY!" Everyone was trying to get Louis off of Zayn but he wouldn't budge. Once they saw me they moved, probably knowing I was the only one that could calm him down. I begged Louis to get off of Zayn. He finally got off. He still looked angry. I looked down at Zayn and he had a bloody nose and blood was everywhere. I looked back to Louis, put my hands on his cheeks and put my forhead against his and looked into his eyes, and told him I was ok, and everything was fine. I felt his hands go to my hips and we both slowly leaned in and kissed. Everyone 'Awwed' except Niall, who was stuffing his face with Nando's from the other day I guess. He told us to get a room. I felt Lou smile in the kiss which made me smile too. When we pulled away Lou still had a worried look on his face and I said, "Lou, I'm fine, everythings ok." His face got soft. He shot Zayn who was sitting up with an icepack now, an icey cold glare.


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