She Will Be Loved(1D Fanfiction)

Evie meets these five boys and may even save her. Can they change her view of life? Will she fall for one? Maybe two? Will they both fall for her? Some hearts will break, but will mend in time. Do I sense betrayl? Lies? Secretcy?:O Read and find out!


1. 1. Normal or not so much?

     I am 18 years old- therefore I am in my senior year. My name is Evie Kamey; I am just no ordinary girl. I see things most other people can’t, sometimes they are good but they can also be bad, which is what most of them are. I try to keep it a secret to look a little normal-er, I know that’s not a word but frankly I am not in the mood to go look up words to replace one. Anyway I’ve recently ranaway to a new school in a new city and met a really nice group of guys. I’ve come to realize that there’s something special about them, like i can actually be myself around them, I can tell this will not end well. It has only been two weeks since I’ve known them and I have the urge to tell them my secret, but I can’t. I almost did before but I saved myself, thank god who knows what could have happened. I don’t think they have any suspicions yet... but if they do what will they do about it?

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