Wild one's

Hi guys this is a book i maid up myself. Wild one's is a book about Lauren and her friends, they have been going to a secret high school for a year, learning for what animal they will be able to shift into in 10th grade but thats not it, after they are given their form thats when the skirmish's aginst the Vampire's begins. Read about Lauren as she is different from everyone else, special, very special.


1. Forms

Today's the day. The day we have been studying for. For a year. Where we get injections to trigger our new form. This is where the nightmare begins.

I walk into the school with no name, or as some call it, ''mystery school''. Right off the bat i see one of my bestfriends Amber, standing with her boyfriend Brian. I quietly walk over to them, legs shacking for i am afraid of what i will become later on, ''Hey Lauren, you ok'', Amber says looking at me, moving her ginger hair out of her face, ''really nervous, actually scared'', i say and shake even more, ''it's ok, it won't hurt'', Brian says smiling, ''ok. When do they start'', i say with a shaky voice, ''they already have'', a unknown voice says, ''who was that'', we all say together, ''me'', just then a huge black wolf walk over to us, it wasn't just a normal wolf, ''who are you'', Brian says, taking the words right out of my mouth, then grabbing onto Amber's arm, ''it's me, Zak'', it says, ''Zak'', we all say, ''yup, i was first'', he says, ''cool form'', i say, ''thanks'', ''Amber Acklin to the form room'', the speacker says, ''oh no not now'', Amber says tearing up, ''it's ok, you'll be sexy no matter what'', Brian says, ''ok, thanks babe'', Amber says and kisses his cheek, ''come on i'll show you'', Zak says, ''ok, bye guys, wish me luck'', Amber says, a tear rolling down her cheek, ''you'll be fine'', i say as they walk off. I wonder what she'll transform into.

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