One Direction Imagines

This is One D imagines. If you want me to write one about you, tell me your name, age, hair color, favorite band member, and where you met. i will try my best to write as many as I can. Pls, no hate. This is my first movella. You can also text me on kik. My username is laurennmcfann


2. Imagine for Kelsey (Niall)

You are so excited because tonight is your first date with Niall.  He is taking you to a fancy restaurant.  You decide to wear a white dress that goes down to your thigh with black flats.   Niall said that he would pick you  up at 5:30.  Right now it's 5:00.  You decide to put on a little makeup.  You put on red lipstick, silver eye shadow, and blush.  You curl your blonde hair.  As soon as your done, you hear the doorbell ring.   You grab your purse and open the door.  "Hello Kelsey.  You look beautiful."  "Hi Niall"  "Are you ready to go?" "Yep."  Niall takes your hand in his and opens the door for you.  "Thanks Niall."  "You're welcome love."  When you get there the waitress escorts you to your table and gives you the menu.  You and Niall are talking when the waitress comes out.  "Hi i'm Caroline.  I'll be your waitress.  Can I start you guys off with some thing to drink?"  "We'll have two Pepsi's." Niall said.  "Your drinks will be out soon.  You and Niall have already figured out what you are going to order so you continue talking.  After about ten minutes, the waitress comes back out.  "Here are your drinks.  Are you ready to order?"  "Yes" Niall said.  "I'll have the soup and salad with bread sticks on the side."  "I'll have the chicken alfredo."  " Ok.  Your food will be out shortly."  After the food comes out and you eat and talk, then you and Niall go home.  Niall walks you up to your door.  "Thanks for the dinner Niall."  "Your welcome Kelsey"  When you unlock your door to your flat, you look back at Niall to say good night.  Before you can, Niall kisses you and you kiss him back.  When you go inside, all you can think about is how great that night was.

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