One Direction Imagines

This is One D imagines. If you want me to write one about you, tell me your name, age, hair color, favorite band member, and where you met. i will try my best to write as many as I can. Pls, no hate. This is my first movella. You can also text me on kik. My username is laurennmcfann


1. Imagine for Katie (Niall)

You are so excited for the One Direction concert tonight. You can't wait to see your favorite member, Niall.  You decide to wear a crop tee with Niall's signature and a pink tank top.  You also pick out some back shorts and some black and pink gladiators.  You put on some bubble gum pink lipstick, silver eye shadow, and a little blush.  The concert is five minutes away from your house, so you decide to walk.  You are first in line when you get there.  When security opens the doors you rush to your seat in row one.  As soon as the boys come on stage, Niall sees you and winks at you.  You blush.  "Here love." Niall says as he hand you a backstage pass.  After the concert you run backstage and into Niall's arms.  "Thank you so much for the pass!"  "You're welcome love.  I never got your name."  "Katie."  "Well Katie, come with me to the dressing room.  I want you to meet the lads."  After you meet them and start to talk it's been two hours.  You say goodbye and start to walk home.  Niall grabs your arm before you can get very far.  "Sorry Katie, I just can't stay away from you."  You blush.  "Katie, will you be my girlfriend?"  "Yes Niall!  I'll be your girlfriend!!"  And that is the start of your and Niall's relationship.  

I promise i will write more soon.

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