I LOVE U a one direction story

This story is about how skyler mitchell lives a sad lonly life her cousin Niall horen hadent seen her in 10 yrs when she goes to a new nieborhood and meets one of the boys will she fall in love ? Wig she does will they break up will she move on or stay with ? Will she die ? Will she survive ? Read the book to find out


3. The truth

I walked out and saw Harry and gave him a hug and said I and Niall are sorry he hugged me back Niall said his sorries and left blowing steam out of his ears I started to cry Harry hugged me and said its okay love can u tell me what happened I paused and I stopped to think I fainted it all went black when I woke up I was in Harry's room in his arms huh oh omg um I got up and sat next to him he said about what happened I'm .. I kissed him on the lips and said its okay don't say ur sorry I'm am I need to tell u what happened I showed him a scar going far up my arm and he gasped I said my old bf did this to me and he tourchered me he left me on the street to bleed out and niall found me he regretted that day he's been so over protective my parents died after a heart attack of hearing what happened to me well my mom my dad made it but died of a car accident and My brother went missing Jason killed him and my two sisters were killed by him he's still out there somwere no clue were and I've been worried all my life after that wondering who would b next he looked as if he had saw a ghost Oh I'm so sorry skyler don't be I said I'm fine !
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