I LOVE U a one direction story

This story is about how skyler mitchell lives a sad lonly life her cousin Niall horen hadent seen her in 10 yrs when she goes to a new nieborhood and meets one of the boys will she fall in love ? Wig she does will they break up will she move on or stay with ? Will she die ? Will she survive ? Read the book to find out


4. The killing

Weeks later Harry and I were together I felt safe with him I went to the store/mall and I was knocked out no clue were I was I wasent at my flat or the boys I was in a old place I saw Jason I was tied to a mat placed on a wall I was screaming Niall Harry Liem Louis Zayn cops nobody was there but jAson and he said shhh unless u want his thought slit he uncovered Harry I cried Harry was curseing smart Jason and he said shut up or I'll slit her throught he helt the knife to my throut I gulped do watcha gotta do I said loud yet quitly he pulled my sleeve up and looked at the scar Harry facing me and he said Oo still have ur scar hmm how bout I give u another and I sqwinched my eyes waiting for the pain Harry screamed NO ! I opened my eyes give me one he said Jason smiled nope etheir this or she makes out with me right here I thought this was easier I squinted my eyes again he cut into my scar I screeched in pain harry said stop before he got deeper I'd rather take second choice then watch her die okay he said he took off his shirt no I whispered I'll die let me die plz no he told me and Jason's kissed me I leaned back hateing everymomment Harry saw me hateing it he was getting all teary eyed he took off my shirt Harry looked away I saw a pocket knife he was cutting the rope and I knew I needed to be a good actor now Harry looked at me I winked and Harry got the hint I was pretending I loved Jason Harry got free then he got up knocked Jason out stabbed him and we left
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