I LOVE U a one direction story

This story is about how skyler mitchell lives a sad lonly life her cousin Niall horen hadent seen her in 10 yrs when she goes to a new nieborhood and meets one of the boys will she fall in love ? Wig she does will they break up will she move on or stay with ? Will she die ? Will she survive ? Read the book to find out


5. Freedom

I was waiting it had been 4 hours since Harry went looking for skyler I went outside to see if they were coming I saw three people running down a girl and two boy when they got to me I saw the other one was Jason he helt a knife and slit it through skylers arm deep she fell to the floor before she blacked out she screamed and mumbled somthing me nor Harry could here but apperently Jason did cuz he smilied and ran away Harry ran to her it was a horror movie to
Me the boys came out cause they heard Harry's scream WHY WHY HER plus the scream they drove to the hospital Harry was injured so I took him to get bandaged but the docoters ha to drag him out of her room he was just that stubborn I could tell he loved her the boys went to a meeting nobody was in there with her
nobody was with her if she woke up and I wasent there nobody was I would die I quick got bandaged and ran to her room still sleeping a sigh of relief but then I want to see her beautiful blue eyes again:( wake up I say holding her hand plz u can do it wake up I know u can she twitched I was so glad when but she screamed when she woke she was shivering I was so upset :( she was scared sh I told her its alright
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