I LOVE U a one direction story

This story is about how skyler mitchell lives a sad lonly life her cousin Niall horen hadent seen her in 10 yrs when she goes to a new nieborhood and meets one of the boys will she fall in love ? Wig she does will they break up will she move on or stay with ? Will she die ? Will she survive ? Read the book to find out


8. Birthday girl

I told Harry I hate crowds and not to throw a huge party pretty self explanatory he told me okay that's fine An left I enjoyed my day resting the next morning I dident bother waking up when I did get up it was 12:00 I ate lunch and watched tv and had a headache when Harry took me outside it was all decorated but just me and the boys and there GFS but at the end of the day we got inside I felt weak I barley ate today and had a headache it got so bad I couldent eat so I went to bed next morning I got up and fell down a huge thump as I landed Harry and the boys ran upstairs Harry helped me up I just fell back down Harry carried me bridal style down stairs the boys looked worried harry said are u okay love I tried to speak I couldent I just looked at him and pointed at my throut
I heard a thump I quick got up boys on my tail I saw skyler fell to the ground I helped her up she fell down again and I carried her down stairs I asked are u okay love she looked at me sad and held her throut I took a flashlight and tilted her head so I could see it was all red covered and swollen I said if ur throut gets worse and blocks ur throut u won't be able to breath let's get her to a doctor quick and he carried me to the car ...
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