1D boy imagines

Hi guys, thought i would do some different imagines like Larry stylinson, Niam,Ziam,Narry,Zarry,Lilo,Nouis,Nayn and all of those so if you have any idea's or if you would like to be in one just leave me a comment with the details. <3

(i'm not doing these because i think their gay, i'm doing them because i saw people doing them and thought i'd try, so please don't hate and fell free to leave me a comment on what you think and if you have an idea) <3 thanks :)


3. Ziam imagine

Today is going to be great, all of the boys have the day off and have slept in this morning.

Liam lay in bed, dreaming about the guy of his dreams, Zayn. He kept thinking about what him and Zayn were going to do today; watch scary movies, go to the pool, bike riding; all of these idea's stormed his head, making him toss and turn, as he turned he felt someone beside him, he opened his eyes quickly only to find Zayn staring at him, ''what ya dreamin about'', Zayn says to Liam quietly, ''what me and you are going to do today'', Liam says rubbing his eyes, ''what DO you want to do today'', Zayn says taking his hand and placing it on Liam's neck, ''i have no clue'', Liam says and throw's his head back into the pillow, ''you want to just lay here and talk'', Zayn says, ''sure, what do you want to talk about'', Liam says and picks his head up, resting it on is hand, '' i don't know, how smexy you are'', Zayn says rubbing his hand up and down Liams chest, ''no, how smexy you are'' Liam says, ''fine what do you REALLY want to talk about'', Zayn says, ''i don't know i'm to tired to think'', Liam say and lays back down, eye's shut, ''how much sleep did you get last night'', Zayn asks, ''four or five'', Liam says tiredly, ''did the screaming keep you up to'', Zayn says laying down beside Liam, moving closer to keep warm, ''yup, you'', Liam says half asleep, ''same'', Zayn says and shuts his eyes, ''i love you Liam'', Zayn says drifting off to sleep, ''i love you more'', Liam says drifting off as well. They both fell asleep and dreamed the same dream, where the get married.


(Hope you liked it, this is my very FAVORITE one) (Please comment on what you think) <3


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