1D boy imagines

Hi guys, thought i would do some different imagines like Larry stylinson, Niam,Ziam,Narry,Zarry,Lilo,Nouis,Nayn and all of those so if you have any idea's or if you would like to be in one just leave me a comment with the details. <3

(i'm not doing these because i think their gay, i'm doing them because i saw people doing them and thought i'd try, so please don't hate and fell free to leave me a comment on what you think and if you have an idea) <3 thanks :)


2. Note

(Hi guys, hope you liked it. I just wanted to say that everything i write is fake and not true so please don't hate, please. I'm not doing these because i think their gay, they are not gay and i just saw some people doing them so i thought i'd try. PLEASE DON'T HATE) <3 (And please comment on what you think of them and if you guys hate it then i will delete it. Thanks)

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