1D boy imagines

Hi guys, thought i would do some different imagines like Larry stylinson, Niam,Ziam,Narry,Zarry,Lilo,Nouis,Nayn and all of those so if you have any idea's or if you would like to be in one just leave me a comment with the details. <3

(i'm not doing these because i think their gay, i'm doing them because i saw people doing them and thought i'd try, so please don't hate and fell free to leave me a comment on what you think and if you have an idea) <3 thanks :)


1. Narry imagine

Tonight was the best night of Harry's life. He had just turned 18 and was having a huge blow out. While putting out the snacks, Niall jump's out of now where and make's Harry about wee himself, ''haha, birthday scare, score one for Horan'', he says laughing, ''not funny, i could've weeied myself'', Harry says grining, ''that's what i was hoping for'', Niall says and takes a seat in front of Harry, ''you want to know something'', Niall says, ''what'', Harry says really not wanting to know the answer, ''i really love you Harry'', Niall says blushing, ''really'', Harry says and stops what he's doing, he's always loved Niall but thought Niall never thought of him that way, ''yup, ever since i met you, and i'm ok with it if you don't fell the same it's just it's your b-day and i just needed to tell you'', Niall says and drops his head, ''i bet you hate me no...'', Niall was cut off by Harry pressing his lip's against Nialls, ''does this mean we're together'', Niall says after pulling away from the kiss, ''yes and i love you too'', Harry says. That's how Narry came to be.

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