Rock Me

Ana Black was just getting in her car when former best friend and Boyfriend, Harry Styles, comes looking through her window. What will end up happening?


2. Chapter Two.

I reached my small flat on the other side of town and parked slowly. I grabbed my keys and walked up to the small red door. I wiggled it open and walked into my warm living room. I through my keys on the coffee table and walked over to the kitchen. I pulled opened one of the wooden cabinets and grabbed a poptart. I walked back to the living room and sat down on the sofa, Followed by my fluffy, overweight tabby, Fat Bob, Yeah, Fat Bob, I named him when I was a bit drunk...

I pulled my cherry red laptop into my lap and clicked it on. I pulled up twitter and scrolled through some of the tweets. When I got bored with that I finnally checked my mentions, Only a few, But one caught my attention the most.

'@Harry_Styles mentioned you in a tweet.' I raised a eyebrow and clicked on it.

'@Ana_Bananieeeee Nice seeing you today! I missed youuu Ana :*'

I smiled and clicked favorite. '@Harry_Styles I missed you too butt faceee :*'

 I sat back and pulled my phone into my hand I pulled the small little paper with it out of my pocket and typed the number in, I saved the contact as 'Harry<3' and smiled and put my phone down on the coffee table and checked back on twitter. One New mention.

'@Ana_Bananieeeee Egh, You jerky jerk jerk face. :P'

I smiled and typed back. '@Harry_Styles Youuu wisshh ;)'

'@Ana_Bananieeeee You know it ;)'

I pushed the laptop off of my lap and onto the sofa and sighed. I rubbed Fat Bob's Back and stood up, streached my arms over my head and walked up the stairs.

Today has been a very interesting day. I found Harry. Finnally. And this time I will not lose him.


sorry guys for the short chapter! I will do longer ones later! Okay I just read that and I sounds very naughty ;) lol


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