Rock Me

Ana Black was just getting in her car when former best friend and Boyfriend, Harry Styles, comes looking through her window. What will end up happening?


3. Chapter Three.

*About 2 weeks Later*


Life was back to normal after that day. Other than the fact that it started getting hard to pay the bills.

Me and Harry have been seeing each other on and off, Nothing fancy, just going to Nando's or something like that. Lets just say, I love Harry. Well I have never stopped.

Come on Ana. He doesn't think of you like that!

Eh, But what if he does Ana?


Oh stop you fucking idiot just go tell him!

I grabbed my truck keys, which were now hooked up with a pair of keys to Harry's Flat, And grabbed my hoodie and walked out of my flat with a bit of a skip in my step. I pulled open the door to my truck and slipped into the drivers seat and crunk up the truck and turned up the music.

I sang loudly and off key to my favorite songs, my mind running a thousand miles a minute. Going back to the first time me and Harry kissed.

*FlashBack timeeee :) *

''Harry, Tell me about your first kiss.''I asked, pulling my legs up to my chest, adding more room to the cramped tree house.

''Uh, Well, What's there to tell.''His face turned red and he directed his eyes to the ground.

''I just want to know. What was it like, was it like the ones on the Telly with all the fireworks and stuff?''I laughed poking his leg with a huge smile.

''Well, Uh,'' He muttered.''I haven't really kissed anyone yet.''He barely said over a whisper.''Wait. What!? Oh my gosh HARRRRYYYY!''I litterly screamed.''Me too.''I said throwing my arms up in the air and laughing.''But, every boy in school would be glad to kiss you, Nobody wants me.''He pouted. ''Harry, That is not true.''I said scooting over to his side, he pulled me closer to him and I hid my face in his chest.''Harry I truely love you.''I said into his chest, hoping he wouldn't hear me. ''What?''He asked pushing me away from him a bit, just enough to see my face. I locked my soft honey eyes with his beautiful green ones, compleatly melting my heart.''I said, I love you Harry.''I said, lacing my fingers with his and tracing his hand with my thumb. He laughed.''Don't lie to m-'' I cut him off mid-sentence, Pressing my tiny, red lips to his soft pink ones. He gasped in suprise, but kissed back, pulling me closer to him, My arms instinctively wrapped around his neck, and his arms found my waist as he pulled me onto his lap.The kiss wasn't to fast or to rough, it was perfect. I parted our lips and a smile drew itself across both of our faces. He rested his forehead on mine, our nose touching at the tip.''I love you to Ana.'' ''I have been waiting to do that for like ever.''I laughed and so did he.

*End of flashback*

I reached his flat. I grabbed my keys and jumped out of the truck and ran up to his door, I pulled his little key our and stuck it in the key whole. I turned the door knob and opened the door. I ran through the little hall way to the living room. I could see Harry on the couch, but he wasn't alone, and lets just say they weren't watching the Telly.

Tears reached my eyes and I let them fall down my cheeks. Rage bubbled through me and I balled up my fist.''Fuck.You.Harry.Styles.''I screamed at him. He looked up from his little thing and his eyes landed on me.''Ana..''He got up and tried to make his way over to me but I put my hand in front of me.''Harry, No please.''I pulled my other hand up to my face to wipe away a tear. ''Ana, Please don't, Let me talk to you outside, please.''He begged, grabbing my hand in his.''Harry, there is nothing to talk about. You know, I thought you would have changed these past two years, But you are still the same jerk who thinks it's okay to destroy girls' hearts when ever he wants.''I turned on my heels and storming back down the hallway.''Ana, just let me explain!''Harry called from behind me. ''Screw it Harry.''I turned and pointed my middle finger at him and then in the direction of his visiter. Then I stormed out of the door and slammed it behind me.


*Harry's POV*:

''Good job getting rid of her Harry.''Taylor said playing with the buttons on my shirt. My heart sank to my feet just at the thought of Ana having to see that, though it was part of that demon's plan to get rid of her, or my whole carrer would be in the gutter along with the other boys.

''Come on Harry, You don't need her, you have me.''She cooed in my ear. I can't do this, I love Ana and Taylor wont get in my way. I pushed her off of me and I grabbed my keys.''Harry, I will do it.''Taylor snickered.''You wouldn't hurt her.''I growled at her.''Oh, Harry, you know I would.''


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