Rock Me

Ana Black was just getting in her car when former best friend and Boyfriend, Harry Styles, comes looking through her window. What will end up happening?


7. Chapter Six.

''Come On Ana, Just listen okay, for once in your life just listen to me.''Harry Sighed, standing up from his chair and placing his hands on my shoulders.

''Fine, you have five minuetes.''I said taking a deep breath.

''Come on then.''He grabbed my hand and pulled me to one of the closed off recording rooms. He pulled both of us through the door and silently shut if behind us.

''Ana, It's Taylor, She is forcing me to do this. She told me she would take you away from me permantily. She told me that if I even think about being with you she would take you from me. And about last night with Niall, I compleatly blew it. I couldn't help seeing my best friend with you.''

''Harry, that's not even logical.''I sighed, turning around to the door and reaching for the knob.

Harry's hand stoped me.''Ana please.''He begged, his eyes pleading for me to listen to more, and it happened agin, I gave in.

''Prove it Harry.''

''I can't..''He muttered.''But I still love you.''He said brushing one of my stray hairs from my face.''But..You're with her.''I whispered.

''Well, then this can be our little secert, yeah?''He smiled softly moving his face closer to mine a bit.

I paused a bit trying to sort through myself to find the awenser.''..Yes.''I said before I even prosessed it. His smile grew even wider and I smiled back a little. He pressed his lips to mine for a breif second before someone knock softly on the door. Harry placed his hand on the door and slowly turned the knob.''Yeah?''

''It's time to get going, you'll just have to go with what little fixing you have.''Lou's familiar voice filled the air.

''Okay.''Harry grinned and walked out of the recording room with Lou. I followed after them, just taking a different direction to the seating area, where Taylor still sat on the sofa.

I made my way to one of the chairs beside the sofa, getting death glares from Taylor on the way. ''Strike One.''I barely heard her whisper, Though I'm not shure that's really what she was meaning to say.



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