Rock Me

Ana Black was just getting in her car when former best friend and Boyfriend, Harry Styles, comes looking through her window. What will end up happening?


1. Chapter One.

I walked down the small gray sidewalk, My eyes wondering around the street searching for my car. I ended up finding my big, silver Toyota Tundra. I pulled my keys out of my purse filled with endless clutter and clicked it unlocked. I slipped into the smooth, leather seats and stuck in the keys, the engine humming to life. I sat back and took a deep breath. Today has been hecktic.

Lossing your job is quite stressful for a teenager all on her own, Nobody to help her out every once in while, just Me and this pain in the ass world. I closed my eyes and took another deep breath, my head clearing of all thoughts.

My eyes shot open when there was a small knock on my window. I looked over to see a frantic curly haired boy banging on my window. Shocked pulsed through me, my eyes went wide. He is here. My mind went back to the times on the beach, the sand between my toes and most importantly him. I locked eyes with Him my finger pushing down the window button.''Harry?''I said barely above a whisper. He blinked a few times, his green eyes scanning me over, then I saw it click in his eyes, his lip twitching into a small smile.''Ana.'' His voice melted through my heart.''W-What is it Styles?''I laughed leaning back in my seat and crossing my arms over my chest.''Um, well fans and posters and sharpies. Oooh the sharpies.''He shuttered, fixing his bag on his arm.''Fine Get in.''I laughed a bit and rolled up the window. He skipped around the front of the truck and popped open the door and slipped in. Throwing his bag in the back seat before he pulled the buckle over his shoulder. ''Soo How have you been Annie-Bannaniee?''He asked poking my hand that was on the stearing wheel.

''Just been working, and working and working. How have you been, how has the famous life been treating you?'' I said a bit to harshly.'' Ana, I am sorry. I never ment to lose contact with you, I just got-'' ''You got caught up with the fame Harry. You forgot about me, I get it, I would forget about me too if I was in your shoes,too. Just don't worry about it, I shouldn't have brought it up.'' I pulled out of the parking spot and drove down the street.

I could see what Harry ment by the fans. They crowded the street, blocking off all exits. Fuck.''Harry, You sure do bring up a crowd.''I muttered pulling around a group of girls They eyed me, or so I thought, their screams got louder as they looked around me and at Harry.''That whore has our man girls!''One of them screamed, reaching her arms up to bang on the window, Gosh, what else was the world going to throw at my window today?''Get the fuck away!''I screamed back at her through the window.''Don't curse to them!''Harry warned grabbing the stearing wheel and jerking it to the side pulling us through the crowd. ''Harry, please don't do that, you could have hit one of them!''I scolded him as we drove down the long strech of road.''Where to?'' ''Um, Just take a turn here and then pull up to the little gate.''Harry pointed to a fancy little gate, for the rich people of London.''Okay.''I took a turn and stopped at the gate.''What now.'' ''Just put in this code and pull up to the flat with the number 56 on the mailbox.'' I nodded and took a little slip of paper. I typed the code in and the gate pulled opened and I drove through it, I watched as amazing flats past through my sight as I drove, Beautiful flats I would love to have.''56. Here we are.''I pulled through the drive way and put it in park.''Well, bye Styles.''I smiled looking over at him.'' Oh, Bye Ana, please keep the paper.''He grinned back, he grabbed my hand gave it a quick kiss and grabbed his bag and opened the door, He walked up to his front door and turned, he waved and opened the door and stepped through.

I closed my eyes and let out a breath, I finnialy saw him for the first time in two years and I just let him slip away again. I sighed and looked down at the paper.

'call me sometime Annie-Bananieee <3 :3 323-2323'

I laughed and smiled, I pulled out of the driveway , the smile never leaving my face.


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