Rock Me

Ana Black was just getting in her car when former best friend and Boyfriend, Harry Styles, comes looking through her window. What will end up happening?


5. Chapter Four.



''Niall?''I said into the phone.

''Yeah, Ana?''He said back in his thick irish accent.

''Can I come to your house tonight, I need to get out.''I pulled my fingers through my hair and took a deep breath.

''Uh, Sure, Can you pick up some Nando's on the way?''He asked, clearly smiling through the phone.''Sure, But you are paying me back Horan.''I laughed cranking the truck back up and pulling out of the random parking lot I pulled into. ''So, just your normal order and a Coke?''

''You got it Ana.''

''Okay, I'll be there in a bit.''I hung up and began driving down the highway.


''Oh My Gosh, Niall Stop that right now!''I screamed through fits of laughter. ''Never!''Niall continued to tickle me.''Niall you butt!''I laughed, pushing up on his chest, trying to get him off of me.I finnially got him off of me and we both just laid there on the ground in fits of laughter. Then my phone began to ring.

I reached out to grab it but Niall beat me to it.''Ooo, Who is this?''He hit the little green phone and put my iPhone up to his ear. ''Hello?'' He said taking a sip of his coke, trying to calm down.''Niall give it!''I sighed putting my hand out for it.''No, Oh heyyy Harry! You want to talk to Ana you say? Ana?''He put the phone up the me.''Nevermind, I don't have anything to say to him.''I frowned, backing away and putting up my palms.''Come on Ana, You usually jump at the chance to talk to him! What happened?''Niall asked. ''Hang up first.''I said, not wanting Harry to listen in on my conversation with Niall.''Oh, Okay.''He hung up and tossed me my phone, I slipped in into my pocket and sat down on the couch, I patted the seat next to me and Niall slid to sit by me.''Well, today, I found Harry, with another girl.'' I said pulling on the bottom of my shirt.''Oh, w-what were they doing?''He asked ''Not eating pizza.''

''Oh, I am so sorry, Ana.''Niall pulled me into one of his famos Horan Hugs. I burried my face into his arm and let a tear fall.''Niall, Thank you for dealling with me.''I said sitting up and looking at his face, His beautiful eyes.''I don't deal with you. I enjoy being with you Ana, you are funny, you are beautiful, you eat as much as me and maybe a bit more, and it just makes you more beautiful. Harry is blind to let you slip away from him. I wouldn't ever let you go Ana.''Niall smiled, wiping away a small tear from my cheek.''Niall, agian, thank you.'' I whispered a smile spreading across my lips. He cupped his hand around my cheek and pulled me closer to him, I closed my eyes and our lips met.

My body exploded, I ran my hand down his chest and grabbed the bottom of his shirt, balling it up in my fist. He pulled me closer, Our bodys pressed together. For once in my life I forgot Harry, all that was running through my mind was Niall Horan, One of the sweetest boys alive.

Then We were jerked apart when Niall's front door slammed open. I fell off the couch and onto the ground in suprise.

Harry stood at the door, his fists balled up.''Niall, how could you.''Harry spat at me. His face pale, with blood shot eyes, has he been.... Crying?

Then rage sparked through me.''How could I?!?!''I screamed at him.''You where the one that clearly doesn't want just one girl in your life.''

''Come on man just calm down please.'' Niall tried to calm Harry down.

''Calm down?!? How the hell can I calm down!? One of my Best Mates with my girl?! No.'' Harry spat at Niall pushing back on his chest.''Harry Don't touch him.'' I cried. ''Harry, Just leave, you are hurting her.''Niall said calmly trying to get him to leave.''Fuck you Niall.''Harry said bringing his fist across Niall's eye. I gasped and covered my mouth with my hands.''HARRY!''I screamed pushing him through the door and out into the porch, I Followed him out.''Harry, Why the hell are you here?''I asked tears streaming down my cheeks.''Ana, I love you. That will never change, earlier today, that was nothing.''He turned to look over at his car. I followed his gaze. Sitting in his car, I saw her.''So you brought her.'' I looked down.''She set me up Ana, she is treating to hurt you, and I will do any thing to keep that from happening. But seeing you with Niall, I-I just blew my top. I am so sorry.''He whispered, his hand reaching down to grab mine.''No, Harry I'm sorry.''I turned away and walked back into Niall's flat, leaving Harry outside with his little whore.



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