Rock Me

Ana Black was just getting in her car when former best friend and Boyfriend, Harry Styles, comes looking through her window. What will end up happening?


6. Chapter Five.

Harry's POV:

She slammed the door straight in my face. I pulled at my hair and took a deep breath. 

I need a plan. And I need it Now.

Ana's POV:

I walked over to Niall and pulled his face up to get a better look at his eye.''Niall, I'm sorry about that, I don't know what's gotten in to him. Come on let me get you some ice for that.I hope this doesn't look to bad by tomorrow, you know with you guys' video and all.''I frowned, grabbing Niall's hand and walking him over to the kitchen. He leaned aginst the counter and watched as I opened his freezer and pulled out some ice. I wrapped it up in a hand towel and handed it to him. He pushed it aginst his eye and smiled at me.''It'll just make me look tougher.''

''Please, you'll still look so sweet.''I said with a wave of my hand. He stuck his tounge out at me and walked back to the living room.''And that reminds me, you need to get some sleep tonight, So I'll be going.''I said walking after him, grabbing my keys from off the kitchen counter on the way.''Aww, Don't leaveee mee!''Niall pouted.''Don't worry, just pick me up tomorrow and you can take me to the vidoe shoot, show me how it's done.''I said with a smile.

''Yay! Okay, I'll pick yah up at 7.''He gave me the biggest hug possible.



I jurked up out of bed and my eyes shot to the clock by my bed. 6:00! Damn, only an hour to get ready, that's gank...

I hopped out of bed and grabbed my brush quickly off of my dresser as I made my way to my closet. I grabbed a tie up tee-shirt and some camo shorts, and some light green Toms. I walked back into the bathroom and laid them down on the counter. I pulled off my pajamas and traded them for my new clothes.

I looked at my mess of hair layered on my head and stuck my tongue out and made a 'Pppshhh' noise and reluctantly brushed throught the knots.

When I was finnished a tossed my freshly brushed hair onto my shoulder and smiled.I jotted on some lipgloss on my tiny pink lips and skipped out of the bathroom.

I looked at the clock once more, 6:57, Okay just three more moments before I'm on my way to the video shoot. Yay!

I skipped to the kitchen and grabbed a strawberry Pop-Tart and pulled opened the rapper. I bit into one of them and smiled. I absolutely adore Pop-Tarts. I guess I was to lost in my Pop-Tart to notice Niall alreadly pulled up and was already knocking on the door. I skipped over and clicked open the door.''Yellow Nialler.''I said with a smile, taking another bite of my heavenlly Pop-Tart.''You..Have..Food?''Niall said his face lighting up into a smile.''Yeah, You want one?''I said pulling out the other Pop-Tart and waving it in his face.''Yes please.''He said pulling it out of my grasp and taking a huge bite.''Well, Okay.''I said with a laugh.

''Yeah, Let's go Ana.''Niall said grabbing my hand and dragging me over to his car. He opened the passanger side door and I slid into it. I pulled the seatbelt-buckle over my shoulder. Niall sat into the drivers side door and he powered up the car. ''So Where are we going today?''I asked cocking my head to the side.''Actually, the studio is just down the road from here.About 5 mineutes really.''He smiled.

''That's interesting. I didn't know we had any studios around here.''

''You do, they are just over near the west side of London, not the East.''He shrugged.

''Oh, well that makes scence, I never go around the West side.''I laughed a bit.

We chatted on and off untill we pulled into the studio parking lot. We both stepped out of the car. My eyes ran around the parking lot, but my eyes landed on his car.

Harry's Audi R8 Coupe sat just across the parking lot Next to Lou's. He sat leaning across the hood of his car chatting with Lou. I caught Louis' eyes and smiled a bit, He grinned back which got Harry's attention. Harry lost all exprestion on his face and just gapped over at me, I dropped my gaze and walked over to Niall's side of the car.''Let's Go Nialler.''I said looping my arm through his and he smiled.''Yes, Ma'ma.''He said as we began walking to the entrace, Where we were met by Liam and Zayn, who were clearly freezing.''Aww, You poor boys chilly?''I laughed and stuck my tongue out a them they narrowed my eyes at me and I laughed, which made them join in on the laughing.

''So are we going to go in are not?''Niall asked pointing at the door.''Yeah, as soon as Louis and Harry get their butts over here.''Zayn said, adding the last part a bit louder. ''Oh calm down Malik!''Louis yelled back at him as they made their way over to the entrance, And they were'nt alone, Once agin Harry brought that whore with him.Ugh.''Thank you.''Liam said opening the door We all stepped into the warm air of the studio, followed by Louis, Harry, and her.

Niall and the other boys made their way over to hair and make-up. Leaving me and her alone.Together.''Um, so what's your name?''I asked trying to manage to be nice.''Taylor.''She said coldly, her eyes not leaving the ground.''Oh, I'm A-''

''You're Ana Marie Black, ex-girlfriend of Harry Styles. Trained for the Olympics in 2010 but pulled a tendon and couldn't continue with the training.''She said in the same mono-tone voice she used before.

''Oh, okay.''I said taking a slid step away from her.

''Oh, and stay away from Harry, Or I will hurt you.''She said walking over to a sitting area and sitting down on the couch. I rolled my eyes and walked over to Louis.''Lou, What's up with That Taylor chick?''I asked crossing my arms over my chest.''Ana, just do what she says, please.''He begged. I sighed and desided to go strait to the source.

''Harry, what the hell is up with your little girl toy?''I asked looking down at him in his chair.''Ana, You wouldn't believe me if I told you.''

''You're right, I wouldn't.''

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