Remember Me Please

It was just yesterday that Evelyn was talking to her boyfriend Niall Horan, on the phone when suddenly he is laying sick in the hospital in a serious coma.
She remembers that day clearly the tears and the grief and the pain and the hope that he will wake up and get better. How can she loose her lover and her best friend at the same time? But what if the guy you love and is your best friend doesn't remember you anymore. What will you do?

Join Evelyn on the path of grief, guilt, love, and hope as she tries to make Niall remember her with the power of love.

My first fan fiction tell me what you think.


2. Best Friends

Evelyn bushed her hair, parting it to one side, she was fustrated she could not do much with her shoulder length straight copper hair. It was so simple but her friends adored her for it calling her supposedly "lucky"

Giving up in fustration she brushed it into a high pony tying it with a black scruntchee. She got into her owl pyjamas and black uggs. She put on some charcoal pencil on her coco brown eyes blending it into her short but curly lashes. She finished her look with maybelline mauve shine lipgloss. And spirtized some Chanel N 5 to her wrists just as the door bell rang.

"I will get it" she hollered but she started giggling because no one was home her mother and father went shopping and her older brother Ryan was at a friend's house.

She jumped down the last few steps and opened the door. There stood Niall in black levis, blue polo shirt and leather jacket. His hair was geting longer it was damp from a shower and fell past his green blue eyes. He pulled her into a tight bear hug and she wrapped her arms around his neck smelling soap and smelling his signature ferrari cologne. He nuzzels her neck.

"I missed you so much Eve"

She laughed in his neck.

"It's only been two days" she said.

"Two days without you, you didn't miss me" he said mocking a sad face.

She laughed and he smiled. She placed a gentle kiss on his mouth.

"Ofcourse I did baby" she murmered, and he placed a quick kiss on her forehead.

"What do you want to see first?" she asked.

"Can we eat first" he said grinning. She punched him lighty on his arm.

"I see why you like me so much, for my food" she said pretending to be hurt.

He grabbed her hand entwining his fingers in hers.

"Yes, having the ability to cook really does seal the deal" he says a mischievous grin spreading across his face.

"Haha, very funny" a amusing smile played across her face.

"Well what if I couldn't cook?"

"Well then we would be having takeout lots of times but babe, I would still love you"

He pulled her close and together they made their way to the kitchen.


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