Remember Me Please

It was just yesterday that Evelyn was talking to her boyfriend Niall Horan, on the phone when suddenly he is laying sick in the hospital in a serious coma.
She remembers that day clearly the tears and the grief and the pain and the hope that he will wake up and get better. How can she loose her lover and her best friend at the same time? But what if the guy you love and is your best friend doesn't remember you anymore. What will you do?

Join Evelyn on the path of grief, guilt, love, and hope as she tries to make Niall remember her with the power of love.

My first fan fiction tell me what you think.


1. The Beginning

The steady sound of rain hit Evelyn's windows. She sat cross legged on her bed a lazy grin on her face. She hugged the phone close to her chest like it was a prized possession.
She giggled, talking to Niall always made her happy, and he was going to make her like a little child on Christmas morning because he was coming over so they could pig on ice cream sundaes and watch old Disney movies. This was going to be the best night ever she thought giddily to herself.

She got up to get ready pulling out her favorite pajamas, for their movie night.

This is it so far hope you like? Comment, like, read, suggestions I am open to good criticism.

Love you all xoxo
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