Moving On

Erin Murphy has learned something very important in her life. You can't stay in the past you just have to move on. This all changes when an old friend comes to town, Niall Horan.


2. chapter 2

Erins POV

*Beep Beep* 

"Ugh five more minutes." I look at the alarm clock and sigh. I pull the pillow over my head. "Erin come on moving day." I look at the calendar and notice the big red circle over today. I will be in London, England in a couple of hours. I go into the shower and get dressed in my captain america t-shirt and black soccer shorts. I pulled my hair back in a side braid and lightly coated my eyelashes with mascara. 

I run downstairs to find my mom making pancakes. "Smells good, and were is dad?" 

"He went to london last night, and thank you." I take some pancakes and pour myself a glass of orange juice. I chugged the juice down and ate the pancakes as fast as I can then walked up stairs to finish packing my carry on. when i went in my room i noticed how empty it looked. The bare walls no more desk my bed now in the moving van. This feels way to familiar. I have moved 10 times already and i am only 18. Thats what happens when your father works for the air force.

"Ready?" my mom asked me with all her bags. "As ready as I'll ever be." I walk outside to the taxi and climb into the car and watch the house get smaller and smaller the more we move.

When we get to the airport there is a lot of screaming going on. Then I notice what it was all about. I have seen them on TV before. One Direction. I then notice who the boy with the blonde hair was. Niall Horan my old neighbor. The very first house i lived when my father was stationed in Mullingar, Ireland. He quickly glanced at me I guess he knew who I was because he smiled at me, i politely smiled back and and turned around and headed for security. 

Nialls POV 

"Ready Lad?" Liam looked at me with a big smile on his face. "Yep." we did the usual go around the back and sneak out the back so we don't get trampled by fans. We get into the van and you can see people running beside the car to catch up to us. When we finally get to the airport there are so many people there asking for pictures and autographs. And then I saw her. I can never forget those bright blue eyes and chocolate brown hairs. Erin Murphy, we were best friends when we were younger then she had to move when her dad got transferred to America. I haven't seen her since. I quickly smiled toward her direction and she smiled back. 

"Who was that Niall?" Harry asked. "An old friend."

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