The love that surcomes the storm

Well, I was beaten
And i often self harmed .
For many reasons you may , or may not be aware of .
Will i be saved.. Or die along the way?
Read to find out Loveies(:
<3 oxoxo


3. The nurse?

Hannah's POV:

I shoot wake. I had foughten over the deep darkness that had just swallowed me whole. Im alive, im free , and a very beautful nurse is standing beside me?

Her name tag says " Bliss " .

She has stunning Bluish - Greenish eyes.

Theyre Captivating! , Oh and that hair! That curly red with a twinge of purple hair! Oh my am i jealous of her! DANG!

She steps aside as a teenage boy , about my age rushes in and jumps to my side .  He says " Love! you are finally awake!"

" I dont mean to be rude but.. W-Wh-Who are you? "

Liams POV:

Oh yes! Oh yes , oh yes , oh yes! The girl of my dreams is awake! Now i can tell her that she is the one for me my soul mate! MY-

" I dont ,mean to be ride but.. W-Wh-Who are you?"  she stutters

My heart sank 6 feet under.

Right there, right then .

I cried.

The very polite nurse bliss, who i came to find  was just an  intern and helping out around the hospital .. She was also my age.

Bliss conforted me .

Then Louis walked in with all of the boys. She had her eyes on him the very moment he walked in . I knew something was going to happen .. The longing look in there eyes, but as seeing lou and el had just broken up due to the fact of too much distnace but still remain fairly close .

I knew lou all too well , Lou .. Well that boy. He was in love .

But as for me. So was i , but with a girl with an A--hole of a father , no memory what-so-ever, and i had learned she had also self harmed .

But no matter what i have to do. I will get my Hannah back !

no matter what the risks.





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