The love that surcomes the storm

Well, I was beaten
And i often self harmed .
For many reasons you may , or may not be aware of .
Will i be saved.. Or die along the way?
Read to find out Loveies(:
<3 oxoxo


10. Liam - bliss


After seeing Hannah with that guy i run back to my car and drove back to the hotel me and the boys were staying in.I ran up the stairs opening and slamming the door. I broke  down in tears not caring about how much noise i was making because no one was here. Zayn was out with Perrie, Niall was hungry so him and Harry went to Dinner and.....and Louis was I don't know where. I cried for what seemed like forever and when I calmed down I sat on the bed to think about how I could get Hannah back, and i will get her back. I GOT IT. I thought as I run out the door and jumped into the car.


Oh my god of course i would love to take over the night shift. Not.  I think to myself as the Head Nurse tells me that I'm taking over the spare night shift. 45 minuets later it was my dinner break. I walked out of the clean glass sliding doors. And walked down the street. I found a small diner 2 blocks from the hospital, i ordered my food and sat down.   I see a vaguely familiar boy my age walk in and sit down across me me , in a very non-chlaugnt manner . OH WAIT ! I remember him! He was with , with oh what was her name ? Hannah. ! That's what it was
" Heey there !" he said enthusiactly .. Mhm ,what was this boy up to , I don't know but I think I might play along for a while (;

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