The love that surcomes the storm

Well, I was beaten
And i often self harmed .
For many reasons you may , or may not be aware of .
Will i be saved.. Or die along the way?
Read to find out Loveies(:
<3 oxoxo


8. EJ , Liam ?

Liam's POV:
Why , why would she do this... Why ?
I saved her and then she does this!?
I will get her back!
Hannah POV:
I love EJ , but what's up with Liam .. Why is he upset? Like we dated or anything ..?
I'm so confused .
EJ's POV :
I inal have my girl back.. Ik l love her, no one will ever take her away from me . I'll get her away from her dad , she can stay with me , I will love her forever , once we're of age I'll purpose . I've always dreamed of this.
I'll gve her a promise ring!
Wait .. Who's this guy? Hes crying and staring at Hannah? I finally got her back , he cant take her! No , no I can't go back to Hell without her. No. I won't do it
I can't .
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