The love that surcomes the storm

Well, I was beaten
And i often self harmed .
For many reasons you may , or may not be aware of .
Will i be saved.. Or die along the way?
Read to find out Loveies(:
<3 oxoxo


2. chapter 4

Liam's POV:

What has he done !? I will get him for this .

I swear it!

I picked her up bridal style , and ran , ran as fast as my feet could carry me .

Soon enough we made it to the hospital , I could barley breathe , they took her away ,

and had me sit in an different waiting room than everyone else . Being famous kinda sucks sometimes . I called all of the boys and they came as fast as they could .

Hannah's POv:

Im in darkness , complete and utter dakness.

I hear a fimilair vocie filling the cool air. Its a boy, or a man, im unsure beause of the deep, and fullness of his vocie.

He was really worried. I had to find out who his mystry boy/man is...

Then i heard a girl... A nurse i hoped. Wait ..Hannah? 

why should you care? It's not  like you love his strange man/boy , or anything...

B-Bu-But.. I do.

I fly straight up into a sitting position, and gasp...



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