I Kidnapped Them

This is a story about 17 year old Molly and her to best friends Alex and Stephany. They have done what everyone wishes to do. They kidnapped one member of One Direction. Now they are thinking of kidnapping the second one. They love them all. Do you think they will get away, or can they take all of them without actually getting caught.


1. What we did.

Molly POV

I finally did it. I never thought id do it. Everything happened so fast. I don’t even understand it, but now I’m driving away from the concert with Liam in my back seat. I looked back and saw Alex caressing his face. I love him so much, but I don’t really think this is such a good idea. He will wake up and wan't to leave. He'll be angry, Obviously he has a quick temper. Please oh please dont wake up i begged sliently in my thoughts. What will we do with him? Maybe he will be sweet. Oh liam i hope your not angry with us.

Alex POV

Ugh, Molly is such a baby. We kidnapped him. To late to turn back now. Maybe I should call Stephany and we could be able to steal Zayn. I would be very exicted, well who wouldnt? I looked down at liam and saw the only reason why we had gone to such extremes. He was beautiful look at those big, beautiful red lips, and his lovely brown hair. To bad he cut it short. I could have played with it. Zayn on the other hand has very long hair. I twirled my own brown hair and took out of my mirror. I looked at my dark brown eyes, Muah i gave myself a quick kiss before reapplying liploss. I took out my phone and dialed Steph' number. She answered on the 2 second ring.


"Hi Alex,"

"What up?"

"Nothing, you sound werid, hmm what did you do?"

"I-I-I did it!"

"OMG seriously, awsome and how about Zayn?"

"No, thats what i was calling you for, you can help us right? oh and we are going to Molly's house"

"Hell yea  I can help, I'll be right over"

"Right" I said as I hung up.



Molly POV


"Alex you called steph?"

"Yup, she'll meet us at your house"


"Molly what wrong? do you regret this" I asked pointing to liams beautifull face on my lap.

"No, but i just don't want to get introuble"

"We arent, we use him, drug him and he will never remember, or we can keep him with us, easy."

"Ok" I said.








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