I Kidnapped Them

This is a story about 17 year old Molly and her to best friends Alex and Stephany. They have done what everyone wishes to do. They kidnapped one member of One Direction. Now they are thinking of kidnapping the second one. They love them all. Do you think they will get away, or can they take all of them without actually getting caught.


2. Us

Alex POV

Stephany has us covered.

Molly POV

“Hey you know we are going to get Zayn right?” Alex asked

“What are we going to do with him?”

“Whatever we please” she said, I could hear the smile in her voice.

“We aren’t going to hurt him, right?” I asked worried.

“I don’t know”

It would just be great if we could make a family with them. I thought, not daring to say anything to Alex.

“Lets not hurt them please, I mean if we want them to last”

“Yea, sure focus on the driving we need to get there before he wakes up”


Liam POV

Where am I? Ugh, my head hurts. I opened my eyes and saw the little room. My hands were tied behind my back. With a rope? The room was empty only a light hung from the ceiling. The room was dark blue and gray. The only door was next to this big mirror like window in the front of the room. My feet were tied with rope. My body ached. I cant see anything on the other side of window. This place looks familiar. Oh, an interrogation room. Wait, am i in a police station. Why can't i remeber anything?

Alex POV

We got liam out of the car slowly with the aid of steph. He doesn't look like he weights much, but he is very heavy. Steph's pretty black hair was blowing in the soft autumn breeze. Once we settled liam on the couch. Steph finally got an actual look at our our little prize.She started smiling like an idiot, which made us start doing that too.

"So how is your Zayn mission going?" I asked

"Well, im going to get him"

"Your going to share right?"I asked concerned

"Dam right, that is if your going to share?"

"Deal" I said with a grin.

Molly POV

My house was originally a police station. How cool is that? When they left. My daddy bought it and started to add new things. He made it a luxurious mansion. With 8 rooms, 4 bathrooms,1 large indoor pool, 1 den, 1 massive living room, 1 huge kitchen and a fenced big back yard. I live alone, but Alex stays over. Steph and the girls also come along for sleepovers. They didnt tell you about our other friends? We are 6 in total. The sexy six. Steph, Carol, Alex, Jaylin, Lynnsea and Me. We share our secrets, but only we (alex, steph and me) know about our permanente house guest.



Sorry, this was a longer chapter but, i accidently erased it. Sorry for the spelling mistakes. If you have an idea, comment. Thank You.

Jada Faeriiee<3


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