I Kidnapped Them

This is a story about 17 year old Molly and her to best friends Alex and Stephany. They have done what everyone wishes to do. They kidnapped one member of One Direction. Now they are thinking of kidnapping the second one. They love them all. Do you think they will get away, or can they take all of them without actually getting caught.


3. The Plan

Steph POV

My plan was simple; I know what Zayn’s favorite night club is. So all I have to do is seduce him. Take him with me to Molly’s house and done. Simple right? Maybe not. I need to do this quickly. The faster, the better. What if they are extra vigilant after Liam’s disappearance? They might not know. After all they were all going on a 3 day break right after the concert.


Steph POVContinue-

I picked up my phone and called Jaylin, she’ll understand.

“Hey Jaylin, I have to count on you” I said as soon as she answered.

“Don’t I deserve a hello first, what are you talking about?

“Yea, sorry Ello! Jaylin we need to get 1D in our beds”

“Well, that’s always fun” Jaylin answered sarcastically


“Wait you mean kidnap”

“Duh, we are going to Fierce Night I’ll pick you up, wear the sluttiest clothes you’ve got”

“Um ok, but don’t---”

I Interrupted her “Thank you, love you, bye, see you then”

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