I Kidnapped Them

This is a story about 17 year old Molly and her to best friends Alex and Stephany. They have done what everyone wishes to do. They kidnapped one member of One Direction. Now they are thinking of kidnapping the second one. They love them all. Do you think they will get away, or can they take all of them without actually getting caught.


5. Harry (Im running out of chapter names :)

Jaylin POV

Okay so, now I’m stuck with Harry and no car. Lovely. You would think Steph was smart enough to plan this though. As soon as we entered the club, I looked around for famous faces that would probably be concealed among the crowd of young dancers. But easily enough, I found the perfect little curly brown head bobbing to the beat of the music. I made me way into the crowd, dancing around people and occasionally looking around to make sure my cute target hadn’t gotten away. I soon found a partner nice cute cinnamon skinned guy dancing close to Harry. Harry was dancing with a girl who looked partly drunk. This gave me a satisfied look. Slowly as possible I kept inching toward the girl and Harry. He was smiling showing his dimples. Before I knew it, I was dancing in front of him. The girl had moved on to the next group.

“Hey” I said.

“Hello” he smiled. There we stood dancing and bumping into people. After some time, Harry grabbed by my waist and whispered

“Want to go have a drink?” He asked.

His voice incredibly sexy in his British accent.

“Sure” I said. Not wanting to sound too eager or surprised by his erupt decision. I was tired dancing to fast music; it can really make a girl tired.

We slowly edged and left the dancers waking toward the sofa that was against the wall. It looked pretty isolated compared with the crowded dancer floor.  I sat down as Harry went to get drinks from the bar. While he was gone, I looked around eagerly, maybe Steph had come back for me. I shook my head, who was I kidding , she left and there was no way I could get to Molly’s house I didn’t even know the direction. I remembered the piece of paper Steph had handed to me on the way in. Looking for it in my purse, I found the crumbled paper which had the direction to Molly’s house. Well that solves that problem I thought bitterly. I didn’t even understand why they would leave me. Sighing loudly, I saw Harry walking toward me with to drinks, grinning. I’ll show them I thought. Guess its time to rebel. There plan won’t work without me. Oh well to bad. Harry sat next to me handing me the drink.

“Here” he said.

“Thanks” I answered looking at my exotic looking drink.

“You okay?” he asked. His face looked concerned.

Ignoring his question, I looked around the club.

“Hey you wanna get out of here?” I asked after sipping the tropical delight and feeling it burn down my throat.

“Where to?” Harry answered looking at me intently with his dreamy green eyes.

“Anywhere” I said. I could feel his gaze. I turned slightly and found those eyes staring at me.

“Ok” He said helping up, together we walked to the exit.

I have to say, life sometimes is a little too easy.


Sorry for not updating, I feel guilty :)

Happy THANKS GIVING  {Im Thankful for all of you}

I may not update for sometime. We have testing at school :/ Wish Me Luck.♥

Jada Faeriiee <3

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